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Pride Month UK: the best LGBTQ+ events this Summer

It’s Pride Month already, with many exciting events and celebrations happening this summer all over the UK! From parades and parties to educational talks, there is something for everyone to embrace and commemorate the achievements of the LGBTQIA community.

As a proud member of the IGLTA, Evan Evans supports the community by ensuring the tours are representative of all its guests. Here’s a selection of some of the best Pride Month events to enjoy this summer in Britain. 

London Pride Parade

The London Pride Parade is phenomenal. Come and appreciate a vibrant and colourful event where thousands of marchers from all over the world and floats wander the capital’s streets. If you’re in the city in these exciting times, why not discover the surroundings further with one of our day tours from London?

Date: 1st July 2023 – More details here

Brighton & Hove Pride

Held over an entire weekend, Brighton & Hove Pride is one of the largest and most striking LGBTQ+ festivals in the UK. In one of the most dynamic seaside cities, you’ll find everything from live music stages to street and beach parties. This year, the festival is organised by Fabuloso, the primary fundraiser for the Brighton Rainbow fund and is proud to support more than 150 LGBTQIA artists across 12 stages.

Dates: 4th-7th August 2023 – More details here

Manchester Pride Festival

Head to Manchester Pride Festival, one of Britain’s most significant Pride events, spanning a weekend of events and activities – parade, live music, performances, parties, and more. The festival celebrates the LGBTQ+ culture while raising awareness about challenges. This year, the Manchester Pride Parade theme is Queerly Beloved for the Northern communities to celebrate love in all its forms.

Dates: 25th-28th August 2022 – More details here

Leeds Pride

Leeds Pride celebrates Yorkshire’s LGBTQIA communities, with Sainsbury’s as the main sponsor this year:

“We have sponsored Leeds Pride for the last nine years and over 400 colleagues came together in the parade last year, turning Leeds City Centre orange. Over 10,000 of our colleagues have joined us at Pride events since we began attending, and we want that number to keep growing as we continue to strive to be the employer of choice for LGBT+ people.”

Expect another incredible parade, a fairground, and live entertainment throughout the city!

Date: 6th August 2023 – More details here

Pride Cymru

Cardiff’s Pride Cymru is the biggest Pride event in Wales and takes place in June. The event includes a parade, live music, cabarets, and other events throughout the city. Charity Pride Cymru works towards eliminating discrimination, showcasing contributions made by LGBTQ+ people in society and enabling LGBTQ+ people around Wales to connect and support each other.

Dates: 17th & 18th June 2023 – More details here

Pride Edinburgh

For the 26th time, Pride Edinburgh is back for an exceptional event, with another parade and festival this year – although the schedule is yet to come online. This is Scotland’s longest-running annual LGBTQIA+ celebration since 1995, when the first official march occurred in the city. If you’d like to see more of Edinburgh or beyond, take a look at our fantastic Edinburgh tours

Date: 24th June 2023 – More details here

Overall, key LGBTQ+ charities in the UK offer a range of unique Pride events during summer to address challenges and celebrate accomplishments towards diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

Whether you’re a part of the community or an ally, Pride events are a great way to unite and show your support for the fight for equality for all. Make sure to pin these event dates in your calendar and join in the celebrations, which is also an excellent manner to explore Britain further with UK day trips!