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The UK’s best educational trips for kids

Every parent wants their child to have a wonderful experience on holiday. That means providing fun, stimulating activities that indulge their sense of adventure. However, you also want your child to grow into a well-rounded, curious, and interested adult human. When you’re travelling abroad, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to expose your kids to new ideas and magical cultural experiences.

Finding the balance between excitement and intellectual stimulation can be a little tricky. Fortunately, there is a tonne of places in the UK that can provide the perfect mix of fun and education. Let’s explore our list of sites that are perfect for broadening horizons – the UK’s best educational trips for kids.

The Natural History Museum – London

I will never forget stepping into the NHM for the first time. The impressively arched entranceway, the beautiful stone floor, and, most importantly, the awe-inspiring brontosaurus skeleton poised over the crowd – every detail was a new wonder to excite the imagination. If you take your child nowhere else, the Natural History Museum – with its animatronic dinosaurs, earthquake simulator, and full-sized blue whale models – is sure to delight.

The Science Museum – London

If you feel your kids are more likely to end up as mechanical engineers than palaeontologists, the Science Museum is an equally exciting option. Built with kids in mind, the interactive exhibits, inspiring historical technologies, and fantastic events (they even have movie screenings!) are the perfect antidote to boring museums. Show your children why the world today looks the way it does.

Eureka – Halifax

‘We’re not like other museums’ – so says the tagline of Eureka!, Halifax. They certainly got that right. This 100% interactive, completely hands-on museum is purpose-built to help kids get truly stuck into science. The goal here is ‘creative play’ – dynamic and memorable experiences that teach 0-11-year-old children how fun learning can really be.

Warwick Castle – Warwickshire

Warwick Castle

When you think of castle visits, you might well picture a boring, chilly trawl through the bowls of a musty old castle. Warwick Castle turns this image on its head with one of the most creative historical experiences in the UK. The mighty medieval fortress is truly brought to life with jousting tournaments, dungeon tours, and even overnight stays in the luxury tower suites.

Eden Project – Cornwall

There are few educational visits more essential than Cornwall’s Eden Project. With its message of sustainability and environmental conservation, the dream that inspired this illustrious rainforest paradise is one we can all believe in. Teach your children about the natural world whilst spending some time in this idyllic biodome environment.

The National Space Centre – Leicester

If you want to teach your kids to dream, the National Space Centre is the place to take them from events unveiling the physics behind Doctor Who to the UK’s biggest planetarium. This wonderful museum will introduce your little ones (and you!) to the marvels of spacefaring. The kids will love seeing real-life space rockets!

For more fantastic educational experiences within London, check out our Tower of London, Sealife Centre, and London Dungeon experiences. They’re great fun for kids and adults alike.