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51 London and UK Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2023

As the longest London-established sightseeing company, we like to consider ourselves experts in touring the most beautiful destinations and landmarks in the capital and beyond.

But many British, Londoners and Britain lovers online also actively share their love for the city and the country. Daily, they share incredible writeups on their blogs and post gorgeous photos on their socials – exactly the kind of inspiration you may need to prepare ahead of your day tour from London

Practical guides, hidden gems, advice to settle in London, honest reviews or weekend getaways in Britain, on their websites, you can find the most valuable and inspiring content to ease your life. 

We decided to compile a comprehensive list of the best London and UK travel bloggers to follow in 2023 – all sorted by Domain Authority decreasing order and with their Instagram handles – so that you can add unique and genuine experiences to your bucket list!

The 51 influencers mentioned in this article:

  • Nomadic Matt
  • The Blonde Abroad
  • Hand Luggage Only
  • Y Travel
  • The Londoner
  • Wanderlust Chloe
  • The Travel Hack
  • A Lady in London
  • The Wanderlust Within
  • Vicky Flip Flop
  • Inside The Travel Lab
  • In the Frow
  • Emily Luxton Travels
  • WishWishWish
  • Pommie Travels
  • What Olivia Did
  • Mrs O Around The World
  • SilverSpoon London
  • Homegirl London
  • Poppy Loves London
  • Bridges and Balloons
  • The Style Traveller
  • The London Diaries
  • The Travelbunny
  • The Travelista
  • A Little Bird
  • Luxury Columnist
  • Chérie City
  • A Girl, A Style
  • Hey! Dip your toes in
  • Scarlett London
  • Carl Thompson
  • Stylish London Living
  • The London Thing
  • Heroine in Heels
  • Kirsty Leanne
  • Amy West Travels
  • Raulerson Girls Travel
  • Diary of a Londoness
  • Outdoor Scott
  • Sunny in London
  • Gallivant Girl
  • LDN | ROSE
  • Postcards by Hannah
  • Candace Abroad
  • Timeless Travel Steps
  • Biggsy Travels
  • Ashley’s Footprints
  • Family Friendly London
  • Illyana London
  • My London Lifestyle

Here’s a small infographic including their website logos:

Nomadic Matt

On top of being a super inspiring travel blogger, Nomadic Matt is a New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and Ten Years a Nomad! Since Matt Kepnes created his blog in 2008, he has helped millions of people answer essential and practical questions related to travel and settling abroad with advice from his own experiences.

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The Blonde Abroad

Born in California native, Kiki left her career in corporate wealth management in 2011 for a life-changing world tour. She set up her blog, The Blonde Abroad, to share her journey stories and travel tips with women solo-travelling worldwide. She travelled to 70 countries, lived in Cape Town, South Africa, and has settled in California, but counts on making a move again.

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Hand Luggage Only

Founded in 2014 by bloggers Lloyd Griffiths and Yaya Onalaja-Aliu, Hand Luggage Only was born in a university dorm room to share amazing travel stories and photos with other like-minded travellers. Over the years, they built a significant travel fanbase who love reading their blogs giving inspiring tips on destinations, food, travel hacks and more.

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Y Travel

For 22 years, the award-winning Makepeace nomad family have been travelling the world with their two daughters in an RV. They launched their Y Travel blog in 2010, where they regularly post advice to help travellers create unforgettable experiences while touring with kids. Fun fact? In 2014, they were invited by The White House as one of the world’s top digital travel influencers. On top of blogging, they regularly give conferences worldwide to share their expertise in mixing nomadic lifestyles and parenting.

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The Londoner

Rosie is a dedicated travel and lifestyle blogger who writes as much about useful tips for touring London for the first time as how to be fashionable like the Londoner she is. On her website, she shares about her enriching life and adventures, which makes her writeups incredibly exciting to read. She started it to stay in touch with her loved ones and built strong followership worldwide.

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Wanderlust Chloe

In 2014, Chloe left her media job to explore Central America, Cuba and Mexico. A year after she launched her blog, Wanderlust Chloe, she got the travel bug and decided to visit 15 different countries to make travel and blogging her job. Her passion for all things luxury and fun led her to freelance for major travel brands – she was named one of the top Visit England Ambassadors.

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The Travel Hack

Wales-based blogger Monica is a travel writer who created The Travel Hack in 2009 while backpacking around Asia and Australia. On her blog, she shares travel hacks and inspiration to help her readers and fellow travellers get out and see the world, as well as ideas for family getaways and activities.

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A Lady in London

Award-winning travel and lifestyle blogger Julie Falconer, originally from San Francisco, creates the most outstanding content regarding her experiences in London and beyond. She created her blog, A Lady in London, in 2007 when settling in London for the first time after leaving her career in finance in California. Since then, she has been digging many secret gems in the capital and has visited more than 100 countries!

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The Wanderlust Within

Author of The Wanderlust Within, Roshni was born and raised in London and enjoys climbing, photography, and arts and crafts. She has visited 77 countries and worked for years on “The Spreadsheet”, her comprehensive guide to travel. She has been nominated by British Travel Awards 2020 for Best Newcomer and is still working with major travel and tourism brands today.

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Vicky Flip Flop

Vicky Philpott has been a digital nomad, lived abroad and visited more than 70 countries like Niagara Falls or Yukon. She also has a thing for festivals, as she went to tens of them, and helps her audience plan their time off wisely. Her blog Vicky Flip Flop will suit anyone who wishes to visit the places she’s been to and should inspire you to travel further.

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Inside the Travel Lab

Multi-award-winning author, journalist and broadcaster Abigail King has founded an exciting blog, Inside the Travel Lab, which is defined by National Geographic Traveler as “essential reading” and Lonely Planet as “one of the best in the world”. Abigail worked in the medical sector for a decade before shifting her career. In total, she visited over 60 countries and, besides helping her readers travel in a friendlier way for the environment, she also shared her expertise about sustainable tourism at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

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Created in 2012 by Victoria, this blog is a must for people interested in fashion and beauty on top of travel. The blogger launched Inthefrow upon completing her Fashion PhD and career as a Fashion Marketing Lecturer at the University of Manchester. Within its first six months, In the Frow won the Company Magazine Best Newcomer Blog Award and the award for Best Established Blog a year later.

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Emily Luxton Travels

For the past decade, Emily Luxton – from Dorset – has been a travel blogger and freelance writer about solo female travel and other tips about food and mindfulness. Today she runs two successful UK travel blogs, including Emily Luxton Travels, where she posts her experiences about knowing the world better while connecting deeper with other cultures. She has explored more than 50 countries so far and gives very useful advice to travellers visiting Britain.

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On her beautifully designed blog WishWishWish, Carrie Santana da Silva writes about everything from fashion and food to London and cities worldwide. She has worked with brands from across the globe and has been featured in numerous publications. On her blog, you’ll find various topics like beauty, travel, looks, inspiration and tips for women.

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Pommie Travels

Originally from Manchester, Victoria now lives in the US but solo travelled to over 60 countries to explore the world and share her journey with her readers on her blog Pommie Travels. Via her writing, she aims to inspire her audience and motivate them to travel and achieve anything they want in life, as long as they’re prepared.

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What Olivia Did

Talented blogger Olivia (or Liv) Purvis lives and writes about her life in London on her blog What Olivia Did, which she created in 2010. Online, she posts about must-see spots, fashion, beauty, music, cooking and current trends. She also interviews other inspiring women whom she looks up to. Recently Liv founded The Insecure Girls Club to empower vulnerable women with valuable resources and advice.

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Mrs O Around the World

Originally from Lisbon, Ana Silva O’Reilly (or Mrs O) lives in Oxfordshire and has always been an avid traveller following her mother’s mottos: “If you are leaving home, it has to be to a better place” or “I love camping… in 5-star hotels”. In 2011, she created her amazing travel blog Mrs O Around the World where she started to write primarily to benefit her friends, family and wider online community. Today her blog focuses on luxury and relates stunning destinations and endless tips and tricks.

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SilverSpoon London

Award-winning blog SilverSpoon was created in 2011 by Angie (mum of Oscar) and is a reference if you’re looking for anything related to London lifestyle, food and luxury travel. She actually has a very handy Restaurant Index, which she regularly updates. Angie has started this adventure by exploring Europe, South East Asia, Australia, the USA and South Africa and is always somewhere new! She takes care of her blog with the support of her husband, who she married in 2014 at The Dorchester Hotel in London.

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Homegirl London

Since 2012, Tanya Lake has been a famous London Lifestyle Blogger, writing content about things to do in London, walks to neighbourhood guides, museums and galleries to visit. On her blog, Homegirl London, Tanya writes restaurant reviews and references charming London shops.

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Poppy Loves London

Ten-year communications expert, Eva lives in the Walthamstow area and has been writing on her blog Poppy Loves London about fashion, destinations, recipes, homeware and coffee haunts. Mum of a little girl, she not only enjoys sharing about parenting but also fances restaurants, bakeries, gorgeous interiors, books, knitwear… anything that sparkles her curiosity! Essentially, her blog is a great place to learn how to think like a true Londoner.

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Bridges and Balloons

Victoria and her family enjoy travelling to special places and, after each trip, she creates extraordinary itineraries, with ways to experience life like a local. In them, she shares about bookshops, nature, farmers’ markets, street art and creativity. Detailed itineraries, Airbnb selections, city guides, and special editions… on Bridges and Balloons, everything is carefully curated with their incredible journeys.

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The Style Traveller

Recently voted in the Top 25 Influencers in the UK by Evening Standard, Bonnie Rakhit is a fashion and travel influencer with a gorgeous blog called The Style Traveller. Formerly the fashion Editor of British Elle Magazine, with 15+ years of experience in the fashion industry, she is also a fashion editor, consultant and TV presenter. She has worked for Grazia, Vogue and Sunday Times Style and has been on ITV’s This Morning Show as a travel expert and on BBC and Sky News as a Fashion Expert. Impressive!

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The London Diaries

Founded by Paula Holmes in 2012, The London Diaries is an award-winning London lifestyle blog with everything that London has to offer. Featured in many publications like Time Out, Huffington Post, Metro, The Guardian and the Daily Mail, it was also shortlisted for Best Beauty at the Pinterest Awards 2019.

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The Travelbunny

What a cute name! Originally from Sussex, Suzanne Jones was a corporate travel planner and decided to create her travel blog for people who love authentic travel experiences. On her website, The Travelbunny, you can find interesting guides to cool destinations, practical itineraries and advice to help you plan your next trip.

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The Travelista

This award-winning UK blog was launched by Yorkshire-based influencer Jess Gibson in 2013 and is now one of the most influential travel blogs in the country. From 2015 to 2018, The Travelista was listed three as a Top 10 Luxury Travel Blog by Vuelio. On it, Jess writes genuine hotel, airline or restaurant recommendations and anything Yorkshire-related. 

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A Little Bird

Back in 2010, art and fashion journalists Francesca Martin and Daisy Allsup began blogging about culture, food, home, fashion, kids and Christmas and all. On A Little Bird, you can find luxury fashion finds and tips on what to wear to London parties. You can also read many inspiring interviews with women entrepreneurs, founders and even illustrators!

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Luxury Columnist

Suze Renner is the author of Luxury Columnist, one of the best luxury lifestyle bloggers in the world. Suze writes about her travels and adventures and offers tips and recommendations on having perfect holidays. On top of that, she advises living a luxurious life on any budget. Suze’s blog was named one of the top 3 luxury blogs by Vuelio.

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Chérie City

Published in 2009, Chérie City is a UK travel and lifestyle blog created by Neily Marshall, where you can find city guides leading to the best places and hidden gems. Neily shares as much about tiny Paris bistros or neighbourhood cafes than art exhibitions or design hotels, and her blog was featured in Time Out London.

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A Girl, A Style

Blogger, writer and digital strategist Briony was born in Australia and moved to the UK a decade ago – she currently lives in Cambridge. Besides her blog A Girl, A Style which she started in 2009 to share her favourite things, she worked as a political advisor in Westminster, Canberra, and Washington DC. Today she splits her time between her blog and freelancing, working for various brands. She also writes for Travel + Leisure, Departures, and Fortune Magazines, amongst other projects.

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Hey! Dip your toes in

Another amazing and award-winning blog is Hey! Dip your toes in. Created by Eulanda and Omo, this blog relates news and guides about travel, food culture, and lifestyle. The authors, based in Kent, believe “identity is not static, and that with every new adventure and experience, we add more fabric to our own”.

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Scarlett London

A published author, aspiring journalist and multi-business owner, Scarlett created her blog ten years ago to share her life events and challenges. On her blog Scarlett London, you can read inspiring articles about travels, moving out, career, relationships, buying a house and even living with a pet. Today, Scarlett’s blog is such a big part of her life that it enabled her to travel the world with the support of key sponsored campaigns – she even aired on TV!

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Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson mostly writes for London gentlemen, including advice on men’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle, and anything about what the UK capital offers. Ideas for your shopping list, tips on your finances, resorts, road trips, etc. Carl also gives recommendations to maximise space in London homes and other essential lifestyle advice.

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Stylish London Living

Kent-based influencer Micaela Burr founded her lifestyle blog Stylish London Living back in 2012 to share her experiences with the world. She writes about travelling, plant-based cooking, reading, and tech on her blog. She also writes genuine reviews to encourage discussion and gives general information about daily life in London. Having graduated with a Master’s Degree in Creative Industries (Arts & Media), she also creates DIY step-by-step and home tips, which makes her blog the place to go if you’d like to nail London living!

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The London Thing

The interesting fact behind The London Thing is that it all started as practical knowledge. Having lived in London for the past decade, Tania created her blog while studying Marketing as a project alongside her other academic projects. She also felt inspired after visiting multiple cities and values personal opinions more than travel guides, so she decided to provide her readers with real insider knowledge.

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Heroine in Heels

Since 2012, Laura – born and raised near Manchester – blogs about her adventures in London and shares her views as a 27-year-old living big city life. She started Heroine in Heels while studying at university, and in 2013 she got a job in London as a Cloud Computer Engineer.

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Kirsty Leanne

Kirsty Leanne‘s love for travel began when she first moved to America at only 19 years old. You can find everything from her inspiring escapades to the best travelling tips on her refreshing and colourful blog. Anyone planning a trip somewhere will be interested in this go-to resource, as Kirsty also writes awesome posts about lessons she learned during her journeys.

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Amy West Travels

In her travel journal, Ohio-born Amy, a published travel author, aims to “inspire others to take the first step towards a lifelong passion for exploration”. She believes travel should be a lifestyle and an ability to get outside your comfort zone. On her blog Amy West Travels, you can access enriching city guides, including London’s, some travel expertise, product reviews, and destination insight. 

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Raulerson Girls Travel

Heather is a mature Solo Adventure Traveler exploring the world, one destination at a time. She worked as a full-time engineer for 24 years but left her job for exciting travel experiences. On her blog Raulerson Girls Travel, she writes stories of the places she visits and inspires her audience to use their time off to the fullest.

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Diary of a Londoness

Born in Paris, Scarlett studied Creative Writing in Virginia in the US and English Literature in London. Her passion for literature enabled her to speak five languages! Another fun fact? She lives with her husband above one of the oldest riverside pubs in London, and they have three daughters. On her blog Diary of a Londoness, she publishes what’s happening at London museums and galleries, writes about theatre plays, cinema and opera and gives suggestions for restaurants, shops and tips for families.

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Outdoor Scott

Blogger and outdoor lover Leslie Gilmour is from Glasgow, Scotland and currently splits his time between Dublin, Glasgow and Prague. He loves camping, hiking and long walks like the 780km Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain. He happily dedicates his blog Outdoor Scott to his travel and hiking adventures when not out hiking or cycling.

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Sunny in London

A former journalist from Florida, Sunny now lives in London and loves sharing behind-the-scenes views of London’s food, life and culture. Her blog Sunny in London features reviews on top restaurants, hotels, afternoon teas, attractions, events, experiences and more. This is a great resource to start with if you’re planning to visit or live in London.

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Gallivant Girl

Originally from Yorkshire, Anastasia Jones is a doctor and adventure lover who caught the travel bug long ago! She first went on a trip in 2007; since then, she hasn’t stopped exploring and has visited over 90 countries. On her blog Gallivant Girl, she has been sharing inspiring content on solo travelling, creative photographs and exciting outdoor trips.

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This is a lovely blog where Amanda Rose started to write about her personal anecdotes while living and working in London. On her blog LDN | ROSE, she shares content related to travel, career tips and fashion guides. She’s always loved photography and writing, so having her own blog only felt natural.

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Postcards by Hannah

Hannah has worked for a while in the travel industry, first fixing travel arrangements at a luxury safari agency, then selling trips at a major tour operator, but decided to start her own company InstaBritain. As a result, today, she juggles social media management for various travel brands, travelling throughout Britain as much as possible and blogging about her amazing travel life on Postcards from Hannah.

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Candace Abroad

Since 2016, Candace has been an expat in London – and started her blog at about the same time – featuring practical advice on her blog Candace Abroad and providing travel inspiration to her readers. She created highly engaging Instagram content and in-depth travel guides and aims to constantly reinvent herself with her experiences in the Uk capital.

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Timeless Travel Steps

Timeless Travel Steps was created by travel writer Georgina and offers cultural and historical stories for midlife travellers. If you’re looking for the right information ahead of planning your visit to England, bookmark this website: you’ll find curated itineraries, guides, recommendations, cultural tours, transport, and more.

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Biggsy Travels

In real life, Steve Biggs Biggsy Travels is a Digital Analyst and a dad. But he also likes to take off to new destinations and blog about it in his free time! On his website created in 2014, Biggsy Travels, he writes about things that – normally – nobody has experienced before. Which can be a challenge when you think about it! But we’ll let you find out.

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Ashley’s Footprints

Originally from Newcastle, Ashley studied sciences at the University of Bristol and now works as a Senior Data Consultant in London. Her blog Ashley’s Footprints focuses on her travel passion and trips as she shares anecdotes and info alongside London events for those looking to visit the capital.

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Family Friendly London

This vibrant London-based family focuses on the fun to experience as parents and kids in the big city. On their blog Family Friendly London, you’ll find posts about parks and gardens, zoos and museums, theatres and markets, and family-friendly adventures in and around London. An excellent resource for family travel!

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Illyana London

In her blog bio, Illyana Mputu defines herself as a “fashion-obsessed” individual as she’s been into clothes since a very young age. At 16 years old, she studied Fashion and Fine Arts and then moved to the US to study Political Science and International Relations as she always pictured herself travelling the world; hence her blog Illyana London created in 2016.

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My London Lifestyle

Originally from the Netherlands, in 2016, Marjolein decided to leave her hometown for the metropolitan city life of London. Since then, she created her blog My London Lifestyle, where she writes weekly about the city, new restaurants, events, places to discover, and general tips to ease your London life!

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If you know other travel and London bloggers, influencers or writers, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

We hope this listicle was handy for finding great inspiration ahead of preparing for your next trip to London. And if you liked it, please share it on your social channels with your followers!

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