There are a number of ways to get to the Harry Potter Studio Tour from London, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Which transport option is best for you? In this article, we look at some of the most common methods of getting to the studio, analyse the benefits and drawbacks of each one and choose our favourite way to travel to the studio.

For comparison’s sake, we’ve assumed the same departure point for all three transport options – the Evan Evans office located in Central London. Costs are accurate at the time of writing.


  • Travel time: ~ 45 min – 1 h 30 min
  • Cost: ~£60 per day (Class ‘A’ vehicle, i.e. small car)
    • Excludes insurance, fuel, London congestion charge and other miscellaneous costs

It goes without saying that travelling anywhere in London by car is probably the least sensible travel option anyone could take. Not only is driving in London prohibitively expensive, it’s also incredibly dangerous; roads in the capital are the most congested in the UK and third most congested in the whole of Europe.

Add to this the fact that the UK drives on what would be considered by many to be the ‘wrong’ side of the road and automatic cars are an exception rather than the rule, and you have a recipe for a very stressful experience on London’s roads.

As if you needed any more reasons to avoid travelling by car when visiting London, the Mayor of London recently introduced the Ultra-Low Emission Zone around Central London. Expect to pay £12.50 per day for the ability to drive through protected areas of London.

A typical scene on London’s roads
  • Free parking on-site at the studio
  • Flexible travel – depart and return without time constraint
  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Hidden fees – insurance, fuel, etc
  • ‘Congestion Charge’ for travelling in Central London
  • Stressful, congested roads in London
  • Driving on ‘wrong side of the road’ in the UK
  • Automatic cars cost substantially more in the UK

Top Choice: Coach

  • Travel time: ~ 45 min – 1 h 30 min
  • Cost: £46-85 (all-inclusive)

OK, so we may be slightly biased here, but hear us out. There’s a reason (or several) why traveling by coach is the best option when it comes to getting to the studio. First and foremost is the fact that the studio is not located in London. This means planning travel to and from the studio, buying separate travel tickets and making sure you don’t miss your train.

Worse still, your travel plans could involve renting a car in Central London and driving to and from the studio. Accounting for the fact that the M25 is one of the busiest motorways in the UK and notorious for unpredictable traffic, chances are you may also be driving on the other side of the road. Did we mention that automatic cars are very rare and prohibitively expensive in the UK?

On the face of it, tickets that include transportation are admittedly more expensive than purchasing tickets separately. However, this is precisely because these ‘package’ options include transportation to and from the studios and save you a lot of travel stress along the way so that you can enjoy your time at the studio.

  • Hassle-free – pay one package price
  • Includes transport to and from studio
  • Convenient Central London departure point
  • Stress-free – avoid planning transport to and from studio
  • Zero complications – no hidden/extra costs
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard
  • USB charging at every seat
  • More expensive than purchasing ticket separatrely


  • Travel time: ~ 1 h 15 min
  • Cost
    • Return train ticket: £21 (Adult), £10.50 (Child)
    • Studio entrance ticket: £45 (Adult), £37 (Child)
    • Shuttle bus (from station to studio): £2.50 (per person)
train waiting at platform

Traveling by train is a great option for those who are flexible with travel times and have time on their hands to check train times, coordinate their schedules and are confident enough to navigate the UK’s train network.

If you’re happy to make your own way there by train, you’ll save some money – around £20 on the cost of travel options that include transport. Beware, however, that this method requires a measure of travel planning and a lot of moving parts that have to go right.

Trains do not travel directly to the studio. All trains from Central London (Euston Station) arrive at Watford Junction and require visitors to take a separate shuttle bus to the studio from Watford Junction. The shuttle bus isn’t free, either – be prepared to pay £2.50 per traveller to get to the studio (cash only).

  • Frequently the cheapest option available
  • Save ~£20 on travel costs comapred to other options
  • Trains depart from Central London
  • Trains do not travel directly to the studio
  • Lots of moving parts to plan and account for
  • Requires multiple travel tickets


So what is the best way to get to the Warner Bros studio tour? Clearly, that depends on several factors, including what type of traveller you are, if you will be bringing children, your budget and a host of other factors.

If you’re visiting the UK and just want to concentrate on enjoying your day at the studio, then travelling by coach makes the most sense. Not only will you be able to enjoy a hassle-free experience (travel and entrance to the studio is included in one single ticket price), you’re also likely to find the experience significantly less stressful – particularly if you have young children.

Our class-leading coaches all have free Wi-Fi and USB charging onboard to keep the little ones occupied while you sit back, relax and enjoy your trip to the studio.