The UK is blessed with beautiful natural scenery that provides some fantastic opportunities for fans of the outdoors. With stunning hiking & walking trails, immaculate parks and plenty of green space on its rolling hills, there’s plenty to see and do for those that love to go and explore

5 Real-Life Spy Locations in London

When you walk through the streets of the capital, the bright, friendly hustle and bustle look innocent enough. However, London is more than just a cultural centre – it’s one of the most politically important cities in the world. It… Continue reading →

London’s Best Walks in the Snow

Even though Christmas is right around the corner, it’s very rare that we get snow before January or February in the UK. However, a white Christmas isn’t unheard of in the UK, and there’s nothing that makes you feel more… Continue reading →

10 Unmissable Experiences from Across the UK

Here’s a post we’ve thought long and hard about. After years creating tours for visitors at Evan Evans, we’ve come to realise that there are some experiences that you simply can’t miss out on if you’re visiting the UK. You… Continue reading →

Tips for your first visit in London

Every country has it’s unique set of quirks and customs that can be difficult to navigate if you’ve never visited before. Tips for your First time in London

Getting to know the locals in London Zoo

The UK is full of wildlife. London, however, isn’t somewhere usually associated with the animal kingdom. Aside from the odd fox, or the birds down at the Wetlands Center, you aren’t likely to see a whole lot of fauna in… Continue reading →

Top 7 Most Romantic Places in London

Looking for some inspiration on where to take a special significant other? These beautiful spots are some of the most romantic places in London.

A Love Letter to London’s Bridges

Call me a nerd, but when I was a young child I used to love making model bridges out of old bottles and string. They always seemed so huge and beautiful in real life, and I used to wonder how… Continue reading →

A Christopher Wren Guide to London

For most of us, legacy is a brief and speculative notion. For some, legacy is a page in a history book. However, for a very select few, legacy is something that defines the fabric of society for generations to come…. Continue reading →

Your guide to the beautiful Cotswolds

Let’s guide you through some of the regions best attractions.Your guide to the beautiful Cotswolds

Five thousand years of stargazing in the UK

Science has been of crucial cultural importance to the UK for the length of its recorded history. When Britain’s scientists have sought to understand the natural world, they have always turned to the stars. Developments in our understanding of the… Continue reading →

The UK’s most fascinating Roman sites

This week we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most interesting sites of Roman origin all around the UK. The UK’s most fascinating Roman sites

Introducing the Eden Project

We’re extremely proud of the natural beauty we have here in the UK. That’s why we do the very best we can to try to preserve it. Out of all the thousands of conservation projects in the UK, the Eden… Continue reading →

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