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8 amazing things to do in Windsor

The royal residence of Windsor Castle entices many visitors to the small historic town, but with its sweeping parkland and scenic stretch of the River Thames, Windsor is well worth exploring further.

Follow our guide on what to do in Windsor to make the most of your time there!

Windsor Castle

The first stop for most of Windsor’s visitors is justifiably Windsor Castle. This historic royal palace has a rich history and magnificent interiors to match the grandeur of its impressive structure.

After touring the opulent State Apartments, visitors can step into the castle’s atmospheric St George’s Chapel, and see inside Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, said to be the largest and most famous worldwide.

aerial view of windsor castle

Windsor Great Park

What was once the forest where Saxon kings hunted is now the 4,800-acre Windsor Great Park. In fact, the park’s history is so much a part of its identity people say the land is haunted by Herne the Hunter, who rides a phantom black stallion.

While this legend adds a little mystery to the land, this verdant green space is used by both locals and visitors for leisurely walks and picnics.

Horse Carriage Rides

Both at Windsor Castle and in Windsor Great Park, horse-drawn carriage tours are on offer, and have been for around 165 years.

Still proving as popular as they did a century ago, these carriage tours take in views of the castle, The Long Walk and The Copper Horse, not to forget the beauty of the Great Park.

The River Thames Path

Many people think of London when they hear about the River Thames, but this great waterway also flows through the heart of Windsor. The town’s peaceful stretch is especially idyllic, with trees and historic architecture lining the riverbanks and a riverside footpath to stroll along.

Boating on the River

Take in the sights of the river aboard one of Windsor’s river cruisers, or hire a rowing boat to explore at your own pace. Among the local boat operators is French Brothers, who offer a 40-minute river cruise, which passes Windsor Castle, Eton College, Mill House, Windsor Racecourse and Brocas Meadows before returning to its base.

Windsor & Royal Borough Museum

After visiting Windsor’s most magnificent sights and soaking up the idyllic surroundings, set aside enough time to delve a little deeper into the town’s history at Windsor & Royal Borough Museum.

With a focus on five themes – The Royal Borough’s settlement, military history, aeronautical background, working life and childhood – the museum offers free tours, giving visitors a better understanding of the collection.

windsor high street

The Café Scene

Take a break from sightseeing by settling into one of Windsor’s charming cafes. Situated in The Old Booking Hall of Windsor Royal Station, Cinnamon Café has proven to be especially popular for its excellent coffee and cinnamon buns.

Pick up a Souvenir

With the year-round draw of Windsor Castle, the town attracts many visitors, so there are plenty of places to pick up a souvenir. Encompassed within the town’s historic train station is Windsor Royal Shopping, one of the main hubs for these souvenir stores, while more keepsakes can be found at the four shops within Windsor Castle’s grounds.

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