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Summer Events in the UK: Our Top Roundup

Festival fans, partygoers and concert watchers have been itching to start going to events around the UK again after over a year of restrictions in the wake of COVID-19. In fact, most of us are yearning to get out there and start enjoying some semblance of normality again. Well, the time has come. While there are still some restrictions in place, the UK is re-opening, and that means lots of events for the summer.

From festivals to outdoor theatres and even circus classes, here’s a roundup of some of the quirkiest and most exciting UK summer events.

ROH Unlocked

Throughout July, the Royal Opera House is hosting events in the square of Covent Garden for the entire family to enjoy. Here, you can watch free open-air stage shows and listen to music played by The Royal Opera House Chorus. If you want a more hands-on experience, you can join dance workshops based on the Romeo and Juliet theatre show. For kids, there’s the ROH Story Shop, which takes you into the world of fantasy and folklore. As far as day outs go, this one isn’t to be missed.

London Wonderground

London Wonderground is taking place at London’s Earl Court this summer. It’s labelled a ‘festive playground’ and has activities for people of all ages. You’ll find vendors serving delicious al fresco drinks and street food while some of London’s top rising talent handle the entertainment. There are also plenty of comedy, family-friendly and even circus shows.

Festival of Sport

If you want to raise your energy levels this summer and give your health a boost in the process, you might want to attend the Festival of Sport at the Holkham Estate in Norfolk. You can take part in activities ranging from football to trampolining and climbing. And, you’ll be trained by expert coaches, with the chance to rub shoulders with sporting legends from across the globe. If competitive sports aren’t your thing, you can get involved in yoga classes and wellness exercises. There’s also an outdoor cinema for when you need to take a load off your feet.

Film & Food Fest 2021

This year, the Film & Food Fest 2021 will take place in about 15 parks throughout the UK. The eclectic film line-up is the event’s main draw, closely followed by healthy servings of street food, beers and cocktails. So, you can dig into a gourmet burger with a cold pint while relaxing on the grass and watching a classic like The Lion King. If that sounds good to you, keep your eyes peeled for events in your area.

Harry Potter Photography Exhibition

Covent Garden is the hosting location for the second and final event entry on our list – the Harry Potter Photography Exhibition. Visitors can view hundreds of behind-the-scenes photos together for the first time. You can also pose in famous scenes alongside wizards and witches in front of a green screen and take a virtual broomstick flight over London. And, after you’ve discovered the secrets of the Harry Potter world, you can head over to many of the Capital’s most famous filming locations by joining one of our Harry Potter tours.