London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. There’s something for everyone in the Great British Capital, and that includes the modern generation of gastro-warriors.

Some people think competitive eating is ridiculous. Others can’t get enough of it. Love it or hate it, food challenges are a staple at many restaurants thanks to TV hits such as ‘Man v. Food.’ The foodies who can beat these challenges don’t just get a full tummy. They get prizes for their extraordinary munching capabilities.

So, to all the grub lovers in London – do you think you have the stomach for these food challenges in London?

MeatLiquor Triple Chilli Challenge

Some food challenges are hard to conquer due to the sheer amount of food you need to force into your gut. But some foods are near impossible to put in your mouth, let alone swallow. MeatLiquor, one of the City’s most popular sloppy burger joints, invites you to complete its Triple Chilli Challenge.

Finish a chilli dog, jalapeno-topped burger and a plate of chilli cheese fries in under ten minutes, and you’ll never have to queue for your standard classic burger and fries combo again. Not all who dare to try can tackle this fiery feast.

Wonder Café Fry-Up

If a real food challenge means excessive gorging in your opinion, you should head over to Wonder Café to defeat food in typical British style. This café’s gut-busting fry up makes the English breakfast look modest.

You’ll have 45 minutes to finish the meal. But bear in mind that means munching down four slices of toast, four fried slices, six rashers of bacon, six sausages, four black puddings, six hash browns, beans, tomatoes, and a mushroom.

Complete the challenge, and the entire meal is free. Otherwise, you’ll have to cough up 20 quid. Only one person has conquered the Wonder Café Fry-Up as of September 2019.

Porky’s Man vs. Ribs Challenge

Porky’s stays true to its American-inspired menu with its Man vs. Ribs Challenge. Every Wednesday, contenders can attempt to eat two full stacks of ribs and a double order of fries. Finish the meal, and you’ll get a free t-shirt. Be the fastest eater of the month, and you’ll get a free meal for two – just as soon as your stomach can handle more food.

The Red Dog Saloon’s Naga Viper Wings

We love the Red Dog Saloon challenge because of the rules that rub its difficulty in your face. Not only do you need to eat six of the spiciest wings in London, but you must also avoid drinking anything for five minutes afterwards.

Oh, did we mention that the wings are coated in a sauce made from naga viper chillies?

Those chillies happen to be among the world’s hottest, clocking in at an astonishing 1.6 million Scoville units. If it puts your mind at ease, that’s a tad fewer Scoville units than pepper spray.

Pho & Bun Food Challenge

If you’re looking for one of the more unreal food challenges in London with a bit of variety and a big prize, Pho & Bun is worth a look. If you can eat your way through a giant burger of prawn patties, pork belly, beef patties, mango and vegetables, you’ll get your meal for free and a £50 voucher for your next visit. It’s worth a try even if you don’t take home the gold. Pho & Bun know how to whip up a cracking burger.

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