What can I see?

The studio is divided across several departments that include:

SetsStep into iconic sets such as The Great Hall and Diagon Alley and more
PropsSee over 950 potion jars in the Potion Classroom, hundreds of vials from the Memory Cabinet and the interior of Professor Umbridge’s Office
Costumes Get up close with costumes worn by the actors
SFX & VFXDiscover how the special and visual effects teams created the magical world on-screen
Creature Effects See The Basilisk, Buckbeak, Aragog and many more famous creatures
Art DepartmentLearn how the movies’ most famous sets were created

There are also a number of additional immersive experiences available, including classes that explore how Costume Department created the items of clothing for the movies. Depending on when you visit, you may also be able to purchase tickets for seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas.