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5 things Brits and Aussies have in common

What do Brits and Aussies have in common? Any shared passions or lifestyles? We’ve been thinking a little about everything that we Brits have in common with our Australian cousins.

From food choices to a love of the occasional tipple, here’s our rundown of the top things we all share. And if Australian travellers happen to come and visit, there are some fantastic day tours from London to join!

We love the outdoors

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Australia has some of the most fascinating wildlife in the world. From Kangaroos to the Great Barrier Reef, the flora and fauna are so varied you could spend a lifetime exploring. Over here in the UK, we might not have incredible places like the Daintree rainforests, but we still love the outdoors.

The Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and the Highlands of Scotland are just as magical as some of Australia’s best destinations. As long as they don’t mind a spot of rain, an Aussie would feel right at home exploring the UK. I’m not sure the same can be said about us Brits in the Australian summer, however…

We make world-class entertainment

Music is a passion shared by Australians at Brits alike. Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Madonna, David Bowie, and Nick Cave – are world-class musicians that have left their mark on musical history forever. And let’s not get started on cinema! Mad Max, Babe and Moulin Rouge are all classic Australian movies that compete on the world stage with the best of Hollywood cinema. And the Brits are right up there with them. 

We’re extremely industrious

If you take time out to do some shopping in London, you’re bound to run into the name Westfield at some point. It represents two of the biggest department stores in the capital. Interestingly, Westfield actually originated in Australia, alongside hundreds of other brands that now have a global market. In fact, Australia was so prosperous during the 20th Century that it was nicknamed ‘the lucky country’ by critics. The name stuck, and it remains one of the most vibrant markets in the world.

Our cuisine is global… and local

Aussies and Brits both love a good chow down. With our many modern, globalised cities, our two nations have attracted cuisine from all over the world. You’ll find as many Ramen restaurants and curry houses in Sydney as you will in London. However, when push comes to shove, we’d usually prefer a good, home-grown steak off the grill. The agricultural industries in both the UK and Australia are enormous, with a particular focus on lamb and beef.

We’re rather good at Sports

Despite having their own unique sports like Australian Football and…er, Cane Toad racing, many sports considered quintessentially British are equally popular down under. Rugby, cricket, tennis and sailing have huge fan bases across the Australian continent. Competition between the two countries is fiercely competitive, though. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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