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10 Harry Potter podcasts to listen to before visiting the Studios

You have heard of Warner Bros. Studios, where you can experience the magical Harry Potter World and its enchanting attractions, exactly like it is in the movies. You probably also watched the films and read the books by J.K. Rowling, but have you tried any of the Harry Potter podcasts online? There are plenty!

The wizard fandom sphere is already hooked on the endless discussions involving key speakers – who are fans themselves! So we selected some of the best Harry Potter podcasts we thought you’d like to listen to on free platforms before you board our coach to the Harry Potter Studio Tour


Created and hosted by four friends, the MuggleCast podcast shares entertaining talks about the Harry Potter world. Every weekly episode, the hosts discuss everything about Harry Potter: the latest news, books, Fantastic Beasts, theme parks and tours, video games, fandom, and much more! Listen here.


The Potterversity podcast was initiated by Katy McDaniel and Emily Strand, who bring critical perspectives to the Potter stories. From Hermione’s activism to Quidditch, there are significant intellectual bits our society can take from this podcast series. Listen here.

Harry Potter Therapy

If you wish to learn more about the personalities of the Harry Potter characters, these podcasts from Dr Janina Scarlet and Dustin McGinnis are for you. The experts share inspiring anecdotes and analyse the psychology behind the Harry Potter series chapter by chapter. Listen here.

Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them

Have you read or are you writing Harry Potter fan fiction? In this bi-weekly podcast, fanfiction fans Sequoia Simone and Kim explore the buzzing world of fan fiction and share the crazy, creative and fun stories they find along the way. Listen here.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

In their unique podcast, Vanessa Zoltan and Casper Ter Kuile religiously compare the Harry Potter book series to a “sacred text” to teach us about our lives. When out, this series became very popular, and today the conversations are still fascinating even if listeners sometimes disagree with the hosts. Listen here.

The Real Weird Sisters

Two fans host this podcast series: two sisters who identify as Harry Potter World addicts. Both were featured on the news: Alice for having read the Half-Blood Prince overnight and Martha while queuing for the premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2. Listen here.

Accio Politics

Adri, Helene, and K. Alex share their experience with the series on this podcast. They discuss political events in the Wizarding world and its political influence, questions concerning the truth, power, and connections, as well as the parallel to real-life politics. Listen here.

Swish and Flick

Four friends participate in Swish and Flick, each belonging to a different Hogwarts house. In their podcast, they read the series chapter by chapter to their fans by emphasising the things J.K. Rowling later added to it. They also discuss popular fan theories and their perspectives on the wizarding world. Listen here.

The Glittering Bell Jar

Every week, the two writers and fans, Brie and Valerie, dissect each Harry Potter character to try to understand all the magic threads – and even read the series backwards! Starting at the end of the Deathly Hallows, they read a few chapters each week and discuss new themes they may have picked up. Listen here.

For Fawkes’ Sake

Formerly known as Just Keep Rowling, this podcast compares the book series to their movie adaptation and breaks the movies and books apart. Ellen and Keighty’s excellent knowledge and understanding of the Harry Potter universe make this podcast even more interesting for anyone who wants a more in-depth analysis. Listen here.

This list of podcasts will help you understand all the bits of the Harry Potter universe, especially before joining one of our Harry Potter tours!

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