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Your checklist for a trip to the UK

At Evan Evans Tours, some of our guests are seasoned travellers who want to get the most out of their visits to the country’s star attractions, while others have never travelled outside of their home countries and seek the support of our guides.

If you’re more towards the latter, organising everything you need for a trip to the UK can be daunting.

That’s why, in this article, we wanted to write a post on everything you’ll need to think about for your visit to the UK. A couple of things on this list will, if forgotten, stop you from even getting into the country, whilst others may only mean you don’t quite have the trip of your dreams.

Together, they make up what we call the ‘essentials’ of a fantastic time in the UK.

Let’s look at everything you’ll need to make your visit successful.

Check your visa status

The UK has pretty good relations with countries around the world. If you’re travelling from the EU, you’ll need a passport to enter the country. For those coming from further afield, the most likely scenario is that you’ll need a standard visitor’s visa to enter. You can find all the details you need here.

Book tickets

You’ll want to book your plane, train or ferry tickets well before your visit. For the best prices, the ideal time is often around six weeks before your trip, although this may depend on the time of year. If you’re planning on coming by plane, we highly recommend looking at the flight comparison site Skyscanner for the best prices.

Consider the weather

The weather in the UK isn’t always rainy. In fact, it’s very unpredictable so it’s a good idea to do some careful research on the time of year you will be here. Summers can be incredibly hot, so you’ll need to make sure you have cool clothing that covers your skin and heaps of sun protection.

By contrast, winter time can be freezing, so bring clothes to wrap up warm. The rain, however, can arrive at any time of year. Always bring a raincoat!

Plan your accommodation

Accommodation in the UK is pretty flexible. There are a lot of options and many of them can be booked at the last minute. It’s always better to book in advance for the best prices and some added peace of mind.

However, if you find yourself stuck for somewhere to sleep it’s likely you’ll be able to find a hostel or hotel on the day. Check out our post on different places to stay in the UK for inspiration.


As well as clothes for different weather conditions, you’ll also want to ensure you have clothing and equipment for any special activities you hope to do. This includes walking or hiking, swimming and sports. The UK also has some great shopping, so remember to leave some space in your bag for souvenirs.

The UK has strict guidelines on what can and cannot be taken in your hand luggage, so check out these rules and stock up on clear plastic bags before flying.

Plan your time in London

Wherever you plan to go in the UK, you’ll definitely want to spend some time in London. It’s one of the greatest cities on Earth and has some of the world’s most iconic locations. Take a look at our London tours if you’d like an easy, safe way to see the city.

big ben, bridge, castle

Pick your top sites to visit

Visitors who miss out on sites like Stonehenge, Edinburgh, Bath or Windsor Castle often go home feeling disappointed. Make sure you plan your top ‘unmissable’ activities and determine when and how you will get there. The UK is full of truly special destinations, so plan carefully – our day tours from London can be a good start!