Liverpool is one of the UK’s under-recognized gems. In 2008, the city was named the European Capital of Culture by the European Union for its extensive cultural heritage and wealth of attractions. From extraordinary museums to the fantastic music venues where Mersey Beat was born, this riverside city is bursting with energy and color.

Liverpool has more museums and galleries than any other city in the UK outside of London. However, because the city is lesser known and less frequently visited than the capital, visitors aren’t always sure where to start when exploring. Beatles fans will be excited to check out the top Beatlemania locations in the city, but for culture vultures, we’ve put together this list of the most exciting hot spots in the city. We know you’ll love them! Liverpool’s culture.

Liverpool World Museum

Dinosaurs, bugs, space rockets, and ancient Egyptian relics are all just a fraction of what’s on offer at this wonderful life and earth sciences museum. The collections will take you on an epic journey from the dawn of time all the way through to today, showing you some of the most colorful and fascinating artifacts of our history. This one is not to be missed for kids and adults alike.

The Cavern Club

A journey to Liverpool wouldn’t be complete with a visit to one of the world’s most famous small music venues – The Cavern Club. As one of the founding venues of the Mersey Beat music scene in the 1960’s, this tiny venue saw some of The Beatles’ first ever public performances. It’s worth a visit just to say you’ve seen it in real life.

Walker Art Gallery

If galleries are your thing, there’re few more esteemed than the Walker Art Gallery. For over 120 years it’s held some of the country’s greatest works, from Rosetti to Hockney, including extensive collections from the Renaissance, the Victorian era, and the English pre-raphaelites. The offering is not limited to paintings either, with over 10,000 fashion items and a stunning decorative art collection.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Before he penned Moby Dick, Herman Melville completed a lesser-known, semi-autobiographical work called Redburn. Through this novel, the docks of Liverpool achieved international renown, and continue to be amongst the UK’s most essential heritage sites to this day. The Merseyside Maritime Museum marks this extraordinary legacy and exhibits a fascinating celebration of seamanship throughout the ages. See real relics from the Titanic, and the Lusitania, and explore the dockside as they stood in 1826 – the height of Britain’s maritime supremacy.


This fantastic exhibit is part science museum, part observatory, and part planetarium all rolled into one delightful space-themed experience. Explore the icons of sci-fi history alongside real, interactive learning displays. You’ll finally get to meet an Ewok in person!

We hope that’s encouraged all you culture buffs to hop on a train to Liverpool. It’s a magical city that really deserves some attention of its own. For a quick and easy way to get there, check out our Liverpool & The Beatles extended tour. Enjoy!