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Everything You Need to Know About: Bath

With a population of less than 100,000, Bath is by no means one of England’s largest cities, but it’s certainly one of the hottest tourist attractions. It could be that its centre has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Or, maybe it’s the Roman baths that draw so many tourists to its hotels.

Perhaps the fact that Bath is so undeniably beautiful is what brings tourists in their masses to this historic city.

But Bath isn’t just a pretty place to look at. It’s a city with a unique story, and the more you know, the better your break here will be. Here are our favourite facts.

Why Bath’s Buildings Look So Distinct

You’ll instantly notice the golden glow of the buildings when you arrive in Bath. That’s because Bath stone has been used to clad most of the city’s structures for over 200 years.

Much of Bath’s 18th-century Georgian architecture remains perfectly intact. Even today, the city’s builders must use the same local construction materials in the city centre, meaning Bath feels no reason to alter its good looks.

Bath’s Springs Have Been a Huge Draw for Millenia

The Romans conquered Britain because they were so impressed by Bath’s natural warm water springs.

Ok, the Roman conquest of England might have hinged on a bit more than that, but our ancient rulers certainly loved passing their free time away in what we now call the Roman Baths.

While you can no longer have a soak like a Roman, you can explore the baths and learn about its history during a guided tour. As you roam the grounds, you can take a peek at Roman artefacts like the Gorgon (a mythical creature with snake hair) and a bronze head of the Minerva, a powerful Roman Goddess.

Bath is a Shopper’s Paradise

In the words of Jane Austen: “There are so many good shops [in Bath].” If the city was a shopping haven for an 18th-century author, you can only assume that there’s a lot of top stuff to buy today.

If you’re looking for designer goods, head to the Southgate Development or the streets around Milsom Place and Milsom Street.

Looking for something a little more artisan? Meander the postcard-perfect lanes and alleys that criss-cross the streets, and something will catch your eye.

Bath Has Its Own Currency

We’ve already mentioned that Bath is home to a wide variety of shopping experiences. Locally owned shops are located across the city, adding to its charm.

The council and residents of Bath clearly don’t want to lose this charm. That’s why they created its own currency, the Bath Oliver, which can be used at any independent shop that signs up to the scheme.

Great exposure for small businesses; great for the local economy (your Great British Pounds are still more than welcome here).

Bath Has Inspired Many Authors

Bath was once home to Jane Austen, a world-renowned literally legend. It was also the place that inspired Mary Shelley to complete her Frankenstein novel. Charles Dickens may never have lived here, but he once visited one of Bath’s oldest pubs, the Saracen’s Head.

Realistically, we can’t list everything there is to know about Bath in one article. We can, however, show you around the place, take you on guided tours and detail the city’s rich and unique history. Learn more about our Bath city tours.