Best spots in London for peace and quiet

Take a walk around London during rush hour, and you’ll find it hard to believe the City offers any hideouts to those looking for a bit of peace and quiet. But the Great British Capital is astonishingly huge.

There are plenty of places to enjoy some serenity if you know where to look – and you’re not just limited to parks. Whether the sun is shining or not, there’s a place you can relax without loud crowds in London. Here’s our pick of the best spots in London for peace and quiet.

Bushy Park

Ask anybody where the most peaceful park in London is, and they’ll probably say, Richmond Park. But we’d argue you can enjoy even more serenity at Bushy Park (which has an undeniably pleasant name).

Unlike most of London’s parks that, while peaceful, are often filled with joggers and families, Bushy Park is a quiet haven filled with deer, ducks and a secluded water garden. If you fancy a walk and a picnic away from the crowds, head to Bushy Park, which is a short walk from Hampton Court station.

Barge Walk

Before leaving the Hampton Court area, take a stroll along Barge Walk to see a different and quieter side of urban London. As you walk along the tree-lined path, you’ll pass swans, rowers and charming vine-covered walls.

When you approach the halfway mark, you’ll get a stunning view of Seething Wells, a former water treatment works that looks prettier than it sounds. Admittedly, this is a popular walk, so get up early if you’re after a bit of tranquillity.

Eel Pie Island

Fancy an island getaway in the bustling Capital? Well, we can’t offer you a tropical retreat, but we can offer something unique and undeniably peaceful on the Thames near Twickenham. Eel Pie Island doesn’t attract hordes of visitors, and it’s only reachable by a footbridge.

That means there are no vehicles to contend with as you roam its beautiful streets. There’s a notable smell of honeysuckle that only adds to the joy of the island’s peace and quiet.

National Poetry Library

We all need a bit of peace and quiet when we want to kick back with a good book. But that doesn’t mean we want to stay inside when London is so brimming with things to do. Thankfully, you can enjoy a quiet read in most parks (we’ve already mentioned one of our favourites), but you can also hunker down with a novel in the comfortable interior of the National Poetry Library.

It’s located in Southbank, which has busy streets around the clock. But the National Poetry Library, tucked away in the Royal Festival Hall, provides a well-deserved retreat from the hustle.

Hampstead Heath

Last but not least on our list is a relatively obvious one, but it still deserves a shout. Hampstead Heath boasts plenty of beautiful sights, such as Kenwood House, Parliament Hill and the shimmering ponds.

If you’re looking for the most tranquil part of Hampstead Heath, head to the north-west side. What was once a farmyard is now an extension of the Heath, and it’s the most peaceful and quietest area. Some people say it’s eerily silent, but we’ll leave that with you to decide.

Once you sat down and reflect on overlooking lush and quiet backgrounds, why not venture further and explore cities and villages beyond London on one of our day tours from London?