6 of the Best Places for Mini Golf in London

Trends come and go in our amazing capital, but we’re hoping one of the City’s newest fads is here to stay – crazy golf. London is now a hub for crazy golf, which is not the leisure resort-style family activity you’re thinking of. Crazy golf is what you do to socialise, play and – in many cases – kick off your night out.

Whether you want a quick knockabout in the pub or a full afternoon of mini-golfing in the sun, London’s got you covered. Here’s our pick of the best places for a round of mini golf in London


Puttshack has put a completely new spin on crazy golf. Here, you can drink an assortment of cocktails as you make your way around this futuristic course. Hi-tech features like automatic scorekeeping and ball tracking allow you to forget the pens and pencils and instead focus on winning (and boozing).

Unlike regular crazy golf, the highest score wins at Puttshack. Fewer shots earn you more points, and you can gain additional points for tricks and hole-in-ones. Puttshack will kindly keep track of your score indefinitely so that you always know who the winners and losers are.

Junkyard Golf Club

Junkyard Golf Club looks like a neon-injected scrap heap – and that’s why we love it. Bright-coloured graffiti and loud party tunes make this venue especially entertaining. If you like your game of golf to be a little rough around the edges, we highly recommend checking out the over-18s-only Junkyard Golf Club.

Swingers City

Believe it or not, you can knock golf balls around in the heart of London’s ‘Square Mile City.’ Swingers City played a huge role in getting the modern craze of crazy golf off the ground. What was once a mobile pop-up course is now a permanent feature in London, but it’s retained its best features – beer and street food.

Patty & Bun, Le Bab and Pizza Pilgrims serve our favourite greasy night-out meals. If you want to add even more crazy to your drinking session in the capital, £10 is a small price to pay for a round of golf at Swingers City.

Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf

If you lose your cool too quickly to take on the more challenging courses, head to Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf, where – you guessed – dinosaurs are the theme. The holes might not be difficult for seasoned players, but the décor is out of this world. You’ll have animatronic giants roaring at you as you try to land the perfect shot.


Plonk has taken mini golf to a new level. These courses with tiny yet tough holes have popped up in several bars across London. While you listen to house music and attempt impossibly steep slopes and loop-the-loops, you can have a boogie under the disco lights while sipping a cocktail or two. In London, you can find plonking parties in Brixton, Battersea, Islington, Hackney and London Zoo.

Putt In The Park

If you’re the classy type of golfer, you’ll enjoy a few rounds at Putt In the Park (so long as the British weather is on your side). The course resembles a real golf course with sandpits, greens and flagpoles, but on a much smaller scale.

One round at this 18-hole course costs just a tenner for adults. Next door, you can fill up on wood-fired pizza to replenish your energy levels.

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