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5 luxury things to do in London

There’s no getting around it. London can be an expensive city. If you’re on a shoestring budget, finding ways to cut back on spending and still have a great time is possible. But, well, that’s not much fun now, is it? Sometimes you just want to cut loose and drop a huge wad on one big night out.

There are few better places to do this than the capital. This post will be about how much money we can spend in one night. And that means the poshest restaurants, bars, shopping destinations and nightclubs the city offers. It’s all about the lavish lifestyle, so expect to see some of London’s poshest destinations ahead.

We hope you’ve got the wallet for it! Let’s look at some of the best luxury things to do in London.

The Royal Albert Hall for afternoon tea

Let’s kick the day off in style. Afternoon tea is a quintessentially British experience, but if you want to do it the luxury way, then the Royal Albert Hall has the brand value to impress your friends. You can get tea, cakes and sandwiches here, with an added glass of champagne, for a paltry £40.

Harrods for shopping

This world-famous department store is patronised by some of the richest people in the world. If you’re looking to drop an absolute fortune, it’s got to be the first stop on your list. Fancy some handmade Patchi chocolates for around £8,000? How about a diamond-studded Eton dress shirt for £34,000?

Of course, there are quite a few less expensive items on the shelves, too, so spend the afternoon taking in one of the city’s finest shopping experiences and see if you can’t lose some cash whilst at it.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsey for dinner

The Menu Prestige at Restaurant Gordon Ramsey is reasonably priced at only £155 per person, plus a 12% discretionary surcharge. However, if you’re really looking to splash out, you can get a private dining experience for an undisclosed sum (which we’re assuming is astronomically high).

As one of the best-known chefs in the world, Gordon Ramsay’s flagship establishment has a reputation equal to his own. Expect a long waiting list.

The Playboy Club for cocktails and champagne

The Playboy Club is famous for selling perhaps one of the most expensive cocktails in the world – the Salvatore’s Legacy for £5,500. However, you don’t have to like cognac to spend a fortune here. The Sazerac De Forge 1805 brandy is only £1000 for 25ml.

There’s also a host of pricey cocktails and champagnes ready for you to sample, so relax in the exclusive atmosphere and try not to think too much about the cheque.

Raffles for clubbing

Although Raffles has quite the reputation for surly staff and long queues, it nonetheless attracts celebrities and A-listers from all over the globe. A VIP table there will require a minimum spend of £1000 between three of you, but we’re sure you can do better than that! Keep the champagne menu open and dive in strong.

For some somewhat less expensive ways to explore London, check out our fantastic range of unique London tours. You’ll get to see the truly valuable parts of the city – all without having to take out a second mortgage.