Celebrating one hundred years of Stonehenge

To mark the occasion, we’re taking a look at some of Stonehenge’s most important moments throughout history. Celebrating one hundred years of Stonehenge

A Love Letter to London’s Bridges

Call me a nerd, but when I was a young child I used to love making model bridges out of old bottles and string. They always seemed so huge and beautiful in real life, and I used to wonder how… Continue reading →

Ancient Britons: Life Through The Ages

The start of recorded history in the UK is most often associated with the start of the Roman occupation of Europe, 2,000 years ago. However, the complete history behind Ancient Britons is much, much older than that. Around 900,000 years older… Continue reading →

6 Extraordinary Sacred Sites in the UK

Religion has played an enormous role in shaping the cultural history of the UK. It has left its mark, not just on the hearts and minds of the peoples of Britain, but on the landscapes and cityscapes that we inhabit…. Continue reading →

Traditions at the Royal Wedding

Let’s take a look at some royal wedding traditions – can you predict which Harry and Meghan will follow come Saturday? Traditions at the Royal Wedding

Is the UK a country? The union explained…

Immediate confusion and many questions – ranging from “so which one is in Britain?” to “which countries are in the UK? Is the UK a country?

Exciting adventure activities in the UK

Exciting adventure activities in the UK, Here’s our pick of adventure activities which are sure to get your blood pumping

Unmissable London activities for Spring 2018

Let’s take a look at some things you can’t miss out on in Spring. Unmissable London activities for Spring 2018

Britains Seven Historical Wonders

The United Kingdom is blessed with a rich cultural history and some relics surpass these every-day mementos and stand out as true treasures of a forgotten age. They are Britain’s own ancient wonders – fascinating and beautiful structures that are emblematic of the country’s heritage.

The 7 Best British Novels of all Time

Indulge yourself in some truly British culture and explore some of the world’s greatest literary works, including Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, and George Orwell, with our list of best British novels of all time.

British Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Discover the ‘proper’ way to enjoy a good cup of tea with our British Afternoon Tea Etiquette guide

Fascinating facts about London’s parks

Every park has a history as lush as it’s grass. Let’s take a look at the most fascinating facts about London’s parks.

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