Introducing 8 Exciting New Tours For 2019

The new year means a new beginning for us here at the Evan Evans office, and what better way to kick off 2019 than by releasing some brand-new London experiences for you to enjoy? We spent 2018 listening closely to… Continue reading →

7 Movies filmed on the London Underground

As the oldest and arguably most famous public transport systems in the world, the London Underground has long been a source of inspiration for filmmakers, with everything from Hollywood blockbusters to indie horror movies filmed on the London Underground. It’s… Continue reading →

London’s 7 Best Waterside Pubs and Restaurants

When you look at a map of London, it seems as though the Thames is some great dividing line separating the north and south sides of the city. In actuality, the Thames binds London together, creating a focal point around… Continue reading →

London’s alternative dining experiences

Most first-time visitors to the UK are excited to try out some of the excellent traditional British food on offer in London. Yorkshire puddings, English Breakfasts and Fish & Chips are always at the top of the priority list, and… Continue reading →

How many airports does London have?

Flying into London for the first time can be daunting. The capital is a sprawling metropolis of over 1,580 square miles with thousands of transport links reaching all corners of the globe. For those with minimal English and no experience… Continue reading →

What to look forward to in 2019

After all the festivities of the holiday period, 2018 has come to a close. Here at the Evan Evans office, we’ve been thinking about all the great times we had last year, as well as looking forward to all the… Continue reading →

5 Easy Cities to Travel to from London

London definitely takes some time to explore. With all its quirky neighborhoods and phenomenal sites, it’s worth spending a week at least here to explore the best of everything the capital has to offer. However, many visitors to London travel… Continue reading →

Our top 5 magical Christmas Markets in London

People around the world have long been envious of the fantastic tradition of Germany’s Christmas markets. Snuggling around a warm lantern with a group of close friends, drinking mulled wine and eating Christmas pastries after a bit of shopping –… Continue reading →

The London Travel Survival Guide

The capital of the UK is a vast, bustling metropolis. There are over 7.1 million people rubbing shoulders on the streets of the city, and it simply wouldn’t be possible for this many people to live together without first negotiating… Continue reading →

The Top 5 Places For Rock Climbing In The UK

Wherever there’s a rock, there’s climbing – the true climber’s adage. And there’s definitely a lot of rocks in the UK. From the beautiful limestone and sandstones of the south coast to the complex igneous formations of Scotland, the UK… Continue reading →

Shining a spotlight on our favourite charity

The best way to explain what they do is by taking a closer look at their projects. Shining a spotlight on our favourite charity

Unique London experiences, Evan Evans’ Partnership with SideStory

Not all tours are created equal. At Evan Evans, we pride ourselves in giving our clients fascinating, seamless, and in-depth experiences on the go, whether they want to see London in style or explore the beauty of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge,… Continue reading →

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