Trying to sweep somebody off their feet with the help of a romantic city destination? The UK is full of them, and they leave no room for boredom. Each of the UK’s capitals have something unique to offer in the way of romance. But you don’t need to stay in a bustling city if you fancy a quieter retreat.

So, which UK cities provide the romance you need to dazzle your date? Here’s our pick of the very best.


Let’s start with the obvious – the Great British Capital. London may be a megacity, but its charming neighbourhoods make it the perfect destination soon-to-be couples. You could spend the day losing yourself in romance in the beautiful Notting Hill. For a little more excitement, visit the colourful Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, or take a sunset ride on the London Eye. Catch a West End musical to make your date extra special.


Now, let’s head up north to another great capital, Edinburgh. Scotland’s most romantic city is brimming with charming cobblestoned streets and medieval architectural icons that seem as if they belong in a fairy tale (with a ‘happily ever after’). While you’re in Scotland with your date, don’t forget to check out the mystical Scottish Highlands. You don’t need Cupid when you can visit a stunning castle or two.


Before we move away from capital cities, we need to discuss Belfast, a city with centuries of fascinating history and plenty of splendid architecture. Take a tour of the capital’s iconic Tudor buildings, such as the undeniably impressive Queen’s University. Or, pay a visit to the filming locations from the hit series, Game of Thrones. During your stay, we highly recommend a trip to Titanic Belfast.


Bath was first settled by the Romans after natural hot springs were discovered. It quickly flourished into England’s most famous spa town. Today, you can take your date to watch the steam rise from the waters of the Roman baths. Fancy having a dip? Head over to the Thermae Bath Spa, which offers sweeping views over the stunning city. Bath’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is enough to prove this city exudes beauty around every corner.


Oxford is famous for being a prestigious university town. But it’s also one of the UK’s most romantic cities. Known by the nickname of the ‘Dreaming City of Spires’, Oxford is full of majestic streets, stunning architecture and plenty of places to take your date. The city’s 800-year-old university was the inspiration for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series. When you’ve had enough of the opulent city centre, jump on a river cruise for a romantic trip along the Thames.


Admittedly, Stratford-Upon-Avon is a town rather than a city. But the birthplace of celebrated playwright William Shakespeare deserves a mention. This picturesque market town lies along the River Avon. Boat trips make for an exceptionally romantic date, but so do comedies and tragedies performed at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Top landmarks include the medieval Holy Trinity Church and Anne Hathaway’s Cottage. For a date inspired by nature, head to the Stratford Butterfly Farm.