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Best places in the UK for hiking

So put on your walking boots, breathe in the fresh air and admire the beauty of our varied landscapes. Here’s our pick of Best places in the UK for hiking

Stunning British locations from CBC’s The Tudors

If you’re a big fan of the show, you’ll know that much of the action takes place – locations from CBC’s The Tudors

5 Reasons not to miss a trip to Wales

As a born-and-bred Welshie who’s travelled around the world, I’ve often been asked what my home country is like. Honestly, it’s a struggle to describe it in just a few words; Wales is truly a country that has everything. I… Continue reading →

Britains Seven Historical Wonders

The United Kingdom is blessed with a rich cultural history and some relics surpass these every-day mementos and stand out as true treasures of a forgotten age. They are Britain’s own ancient wonders – fascinating and beautiful structures that are emblematic of the country’s heritage.

The Secrets of Stonehenge: a brief history

They survived the Saxons, the Romans, the Victorians – all the way through to today’s hyper-digital age. The Secrets of Stonehenge: a brief history

A local’s guide to the South of England

If you’re visiting the south coast, there’re a few destinations you simply cannot afford to miss out on. A local’s guide to the South of England

Best Adventure Destinations in the UK for Families

Britain is full of interesting heritage locations, stately homes, museums, and lovely gardens. Do you want to know what I would have said to all that when I was 9? Booooriiiing! I’m not sure about your little ones, but when… Continue reading →

Six reasons to visit the New Forest

This week, we’re going to spend a little time exploring everything it has to offer and finding the six best reasons to visit the New Forest

Britain’s most beautiful coastal locations

Quaint fishing villages, epic natural formations, and gorgeous sandy beaches. Get ready to take a look at Britain’s most beautiful coastal locations

The 5 most beautiful villages south of London

Classic English novels such as Far from the Madding Crowd and Pride and Prejudice have been inspiring visitors to the UK for generations. The idea of romantic, windswept hillsides and gorgeous rural villages captures the imagination of travelers from Europe… Continue reading →

Four places to reach by train from London

If you’re hoping to indulge in this great British tradition – a marvelous journey by rail – here are the locations you simply can’t miss out on. Train from London

Top 10 things to do in Edinburgh

Unless you’ve visited Edinburgh, it’s difficult to picture just how beautiful it really is. The city’s cobbled streets and ancient architecture spiral around each other under the watchful gaze of Arthur’s Seat. Music fills the air. On every corner, there’s… Continue reading →

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