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The UK’s Best Spots for a Day of Romance

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Are you and your better half dreaming of a romantic day trip in the UK? From walking hand-in-hand through the cobblestoned streets of Bath to standing in a field of blooming lavender, the UK has some unforgettably romantic getaways for all couples. 

Here are four of the UK’s Best Spots for a Day of Romance

Stratford Upon Avon 

The historic town Stratford, on the River Avon, is famous for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. With its picturesque and serene setting, Stratford Upon Avon is the perfect setting to set the stage for love and romance to blossom, as it must have done for Shakespeare and his many romantic plays and sonnets. 

You can visit the cottage home of Anne Hathaway, love interest and wife to Shakespeare, during your visit. This 15th-century thatched cottage occupies nine acres with multiple gardens, a serene woodland walk, an arboretum, and a lovely willow cabin where some of Shakespeare’s sonnets are read to guests.

You can also enjoy a hand-in-hand stroll along the canal while watching the riverboats slowly make their way through the water.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds, or Cotswold Hills, are home to picturesque villages and a type of grassland that’s rare in the UK. Whether you choose to stay in one of the Cotswold’s many quaint cottages or simply spend the day exploring its countless walking trails, the area won’t fail to charm you and your loved one.

Of special interest is Cotswold Lavender, a lavender farm open to visitors. The lavender fields usually begin to bloom around the middle of June, with the ideal time to see the fields being early-mid July. The sprawling purple lavender fields provide the perfect place to take a photo or spend a special moment with your partner.


Located along the River Stour in Kent, Canterbury is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s popular with visitors from all parts of the UK.

Canterbury is perhaps most famous for Canterbury Cathedral, which is one of the oldest and most famous Churches in England. The city also features cobbled streets lined with small, independent shops.

Canterbury is famous for “punting” — of having someone gently float you down the river in a traditional boat. This activity is not just relaxing but also allows you to enjoy views of the neighbouring gardens and bridges.

If you have time, you can visit Tiny Tim’s Tearoom and taste more than 30 varieties of coffee and tea. We also highly recommend sampling their delicious breakfasts and light lunches. 

Bath, Somerset

Just over two hours from London, Bath offers a distinctly different environment and is home to an abundance of stunning Georgian architecture. Famous for its 2,000-year-old Roman Baths — fed by England’s only hot spring — Bath may be the perfect destination for a romantic day trip.

Bath also features museums dedicated to Roman history and many antique tearooms that provide the perfect place to relax with your loved one. Or, you can enjoy a glass of Champagne on the lawn overlooking the Royal Crescent, which is a row of 30 terraced houses in a crescent shape, built in the 18th century.

During the summer months, Bath is offering torchlit evening walks for an atmospheric escape from the modern world.