The best 5 social distancing activities in London

The second wave of COVID-19 is in full swing across Europe and, whilst we’re all taking the appropriate precautions to keep each other safe, life goes on.

That means keeping our spirits high with some exciting yet socially distant activities.

London, at least, finds it difficult to slow down even in a global pandemic. The streets feel as busy as ever and businesses that take the appropriate precautions are still seeing customers. There’re still lots of opportunities to get out there and have fun.

This week, we’ve picked out the top socially distant activities that you can enjoy safely in London.

Just remember to follow safety precautions required by businesses at all times. That means wearing a mask, keeping two metres apart and washing your hands. Best Social distancing activities in London.


When you’re encased in a giant rubber ball, you’ll probably find it difficult to get too close to anyone. Zorbing is a perfect social distancing activity and has the added benefit of being outside in the open air. According to today’s guidelines, that means you won’t even have to wear your mask (although added precautions are always a good idea). Check out some of the fantastic zorbing destinations around London for a white-knuckle experience without the real-life threat of infection.

Cycling tours

Being out in the open air is a theme for this article. And what better way to do it than by taking in the incredible sites and famous locations around London by bicycle. Take a guided bicycle tour and snap up all of the city’s best Insta shots whilst getting a little bit of exercise on top. It’s the perfect way to get fit after lockdown.

The Harry Potter Tour and Warner Brothers Studios

Although it’s indoors, the Harry Potter Studio tour is still open for business, albeit with very strict infection controls in place. As long as you’re happy to stick to the rules, you can enjoy the amazing Harry Potter experience that’s talked about all over the world. And because capacity is limited due to COVID-19, you won’t have to wait so long in line for the butterbeer!

Picnics in the park

Don’t forget that London is one of the greenest capital cities on the planet. If you want to enjoy the very best that the city has to offer, head on down to Hyde Park, Regent’s Park or whatever green space you love to explore in the city. With all that open space, it’s really easy to keep your distance and enjoy some family time in the sun. Get out there before autumn sets in!

Virtual Reality gaming

When somebody’s swinging around a gaming controller completely blind to the world around them, it’s probably a good idea to stay well out of the way. That’s what makes Virtual Reality gaming the perfect activity for a fun morning out in the capital. That and the fact that most VR gaming companies are taking extra special COVID19 precautions, like carefully wiping down equipment and implementing strict social distancing policies. Game with a couple of close friends and while away the afternoon with some fun, fast-paced VR activities.

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