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Top 7 most romantic places in London

Few cities have seen as many love stories as London. Its centuries-old buildings and pathways hide hundreds of special places, each playing its own role in the lives of couples for generations. Let’s explore the city’s most romantic spots.

Whether you’re looking to create a special experience for a partner, begin your own brand-new love story, or just immerse yourself in a few memories, these beautiful spots should be on your list as some of the most romantic places in London. Let’s take a look.

Primrose Hill

London is a fairly flat city. Natural viewpoints are rare, but Primrose Hill is one of the best. With a stunning view across to the gorgeous city lights, surrounded by peaceful trees and green fields, it’s probably the best location in the city for a first kiss (if there is such a thing!).

Kew Gardens

Perhaps one of London’s most overlooked attractions, Kew Gardens is both fascinating and romantic. Take a botanical trip around the world via their gorgeous hothouses before a leisurely stroll through the canopies of the Gardens’ beech and chestnut trees on the Treetop Walk. Finally, take a spot for lunch in one of London’s best picnic spots at the Syon Vista. It’s a peaceful, intimate world for you to explore together.

The Emirates Air Line

I’m not sure why getting above the city is so romantic. There’s something magical about looking down and thinking about all the families living together. Take your partner on the Emirates Air Line if you love that feeling. See Greenwich, Canary Wharf and the O2 Arena from a new perspective and relax together as you sail above the city.

Dans Le Noir

We stayed away from including restaurants on this list, but Dans Le Noir is so perfect that it’s impossible to leave it off. Hosted by visually impaired waiting staff, your dining experience will occur in complete darkness, leaving you and your partner with the quiet intimacy of sound, touch and taste. It’s the best place in the city to fall in love all over again.

Hampton Court Palace

As a palace of Kings and Queens for generations, it’s hard not to feel like royalty when you walk through the gardens of Hampton Court. Wander through its splendid halls, take intimate moments in the Palace Maze, or even spend a night in the King’s state apartments in their Dusk ’til Dawn Sleepover. Take a look at our great Hampton Court packages if you’d like a simple, convenient way to get there.

Little Venice

This little-known spot close to Paddington station is notable for its tranquil waterside feel and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a haven for busy couples that need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a romantic stroll along the canal banks and admire its lovely barges and bridges. You can also stop for a quiet glass of wine in one of its many pubs.

Regent’s Park

Although each of the parks in London has something special to offer, Regent’s Park has always been Londoner’s fave for romantic walks. The varied gardens and hedgerows give a more intimate feel and allow for a few sheltered spots where you aren’t subjected to the prying eyes of endless passers-by. At the same time, the family-friendly greens make for a relaxed atmosphere perfect for picnics and games. It’s exceptionally beautiful on a sunny day.

We hope you’re excited to pay these great locations a visit on your next big date. If you’d like to explore London with your partner on foot, we recommend looking at our range of interesting walking tours.