Once a year, a strange phenomenon creeps over London town. The mist settles down into the streets, and as the sun goes down, every ghoul, goblin, witch, wizard, and gremlin crawls out to prowl the city. It’s Halloween again – the time when monsters and demons of all shapes and sizes come out to play.

If you’re hoping to get into the spirit of all hallow’s eve this year then London is the perfect place to do it. With literally hundreds of special events happening throughout the week, there’s no excuse to miss out on your scariest night ever. We’ve selected the top events and venues in the city for you to get your spook on. Check them out

The Tower of London

If there’s a single place in the city that’s truly haunted, it would have to be the Tower of London. One hundred and twenty-two people have been executed at the Tower by beheading, hanging or firing squad, including Anne Boleyn, King Henry VI, Edward V, and Richard of Shrewsbury. It’s said that the ghost of Anne Boleyn still walks the White Tower to this day carrying her own head under her arm.

The Grenadier Pub

On the outside, The Grenadier seems like a charming English pub. Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll uncover a disturbing story that haunts the building to this day. We’ll leave you to uncover the tale for yourself, but beware! A run-in with the Grenadier could turn you white as a sheet.

Carnaby Street

If you love dressing up, Carnaby is definitely the place to be on Halloween. It’s become an unspoken tradition that all the best cosplayers in the city stalk the streets of Soho to strut their scariest stuff. Costumes vary from the fun and glamorous to the uncanny and genuinely creepy. Be sure to check it out.

Dia De Los Muertos Halloween Party

The Day of the Dead is almost as much a tradition in London as it is in Mexico. The Queen of Hoxton’s Dia De Los Muertos Party is a true extravaganza of scary revelry, with all the painted faces and costumes that you’ve come to expect.

Jack the Ripper Tour


Get up close and personal with one of London’s most terrifying legends – the true story of Jack the Ripper. Visit the sites on which the legendary gruesome murders took place, and unravel the secrets of one of London’s greatest mysteries. In true Victorian London style, you’ll also get to sample some of London’s famous fish and chips.

The Prince Charles Cinema

So much more than just a regular cinema, the Prince Charles is famous throughout the city for its magical, all-night movie marathons and traditional interior. Check out their classic horror all-nighter on the 28th, John Carpenter’s Halloween on the 31st, or a 70mm presentation of Poltergeist on the 30th. It’s a cinema experience that’ll leave you quaking in your boots.

Crime Scene Live, The Natural History Museum

Investigate a grizzly murder and solve the riddle of the priceless artifact at the Natural History Museum. This interactive investigation game set inside the museum’s beautiful Romanesque building is the perfect Halloween party experience. Investigate ancient exhibits in a new, all-too-creepy light, and catch the killer before it’s too late.

This is only a handful of the very best ways to enjoy Halloween in London. The city is brimming with scary experiences, so get your ghastliest costume on and get ready to party the night away, thriller style.


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