London History

The history of London stretches back thousands of years, from its time as an early Roman settlement to the modern, global city that it is today. Learn more about the historical events that shaped the city’s future and uncover the hidden history behind some of its most prominent landmarks

5 Real-Life Spy Locations in London

When you walk through the streets of the capital, the bright, friendly hustle and bustle look innocent enough. However, London is more than just a cultural centre – it’s one of the most politically important cities in the world. It… Continue reading →

London’s Top 5 Most Interesting Converted Spaces

If you want to explore the uncommon side of London, look no further. London’s Top 5 Most Interesting Converted Spaces.

Top 6 Misconceptions About the UK

If you’ve never visited the UK before, you’re likely to have a few expectations clear in your mind. British cultural exports paint a vivid picture of what life is like in the UK, and our heritage is recognizable all over… Continue reading →

A tour through the British Museum

Take a tour with us and learn why nearly 7 million people a year visit these incredible exhibits. A tour through the British Museum

Tips for your first visit in London

Every country has it’s unique set of quirks and customs that can be difficult to navigate if you’ve never visited before. Tips for your First time in London

A Love Letter to London’s Bridges

Call me a nerd, but when I was a young child I used to love making model bridges out of old bottles and string. They always seemed so huge and beautiful in real life, and I used to wonder how… Continue reading →

A Christopher Wren Guide to London

For most of us, legacy is a brief and speculative notion. For some, legacy is a page in a history book. However, for a very select few, legacy is something that defines the fabric of society for generations to come…. Continue reading →

Top 5 Biggest ‘Oops’ Moments in London’s History

Whether they were down to individual stupidity, collective ignorance or simply a terrible case of bad luck, these are the Top 5 moments in London’s History

All about the Tower of London

Legend has it that the Tower of London is tied to the very fabric of life in England. All about the Tower of London

A history of the London Underground

And when you ride the tube, it’s like riding through history.. A history of the London Underground. A history of the London Underground

Stunning British locations from CBC’s The Tudors

If you’re a big fan of the show, you’ll know that much of the action takes place – locations from CBC’s The Tudors

The hidden history of London

To get to know the hidden history of London’s archeological heritage, we’ve taken a dive into the Museum of London Archeology’s scintillating blog.

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