Highlights of the 2015 London Marathon

The London Marathon- three starting points, thousands of participants, 26.2 miles (42.2KM) around the River Thames. An international event attracting runners and spectators alike.

Started in 1981, this was the 35th London Marathon. Designed to be a beacon of global comradery and a testament to the determination of the human body and spirit. As runners sport there countries colours with pride, they were cheered on by their countrymen and expats, creating an atmosphere of excitement and patriotism. National pride was not the only thing being represented at this race; the London Marathon is also one of the biggest fundraisers for charities in the UK and abroad.

This year was the last time that the London Marathon would be run by Paula Radcliff, a three time winner and record holder.

Focussing on the goal of reaching the finish line, the dedicated souls of this race will have past some of the best sights London has to offer. They crossed Tower Bridge, with its new glass roof so that you can look down at this architectural marvel. This can be seen as part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition. Run past the Tower of London, home of the Crown Jewels which can be seen on our London Tours. Get a good view of the London Eye, which is great to see the majestic cityscape that is London and see Big Ben on our 1 Day Panoramic tour. Finishing just past Buckingham Palace, which you can see on our Royal Delights Tour along with the State Rooms and the Royal Mews; which is starting later this season.

The streets were buzzing with energy as the spectators of the race enjoyed the live music set up at certain venues. With so many of London’s attractions as the back drop, what better way to witness this event, than with a good pint found at the many pubs scattered along the route.

With all of these wonderful sights and spectacles available, we look forward to seeing the 2016 London Marathon and look forward to bringing you London’s finest sights in luxury and at leisure. So if you’re a runner, a spectator, a history buff or just here to see the sights Evan Evans Tours has a great tour designed especially for you.