Europe’s Most Thrilling Extreme Sports Sites

Travelling through Europe is full of excitement, adventure and thrills. But sometimes, the excitement of visiting a new city is just not enough.

Fear not.

Europe is one of the world’s best adventure sports destinations and there are more than enough white-knuckle experiences to keep you entertained. From free-falling from an aeroplane to hanging off the side of a glacier, a new adventure is waiting for you around every corner. 

Let’s explore some of Europe’s best locations for extreme sports.

White Water Rafting, Slovenia

Image credit to White Water Magazine

If bracing the water element is your thing, you’ll have to head to Slovenia’s Triglav National Park. Its 138km long Soča River is mostly known for its incredible emerald green colour – the good news is that you too can get to enjoy its beauty while marrying it with a healthy dose of adrenalin.

The Soča River is dotted with natural pools, narrow gorges, and canyons, offering enough variety for every seeker of adventure. As if that wasn’t enough to quell any thirst for adventure, other crazy adventures await in the form of paragliding, mountain biking and hiking. Triglav is only a stone’s throw away from the magnificent Lake Bled.

Skydiving, Budapest

Should you be looking for a unique and completely unforgettable experience, skydiving is about as good as you can get.

You’ll find yourself strapped to an experienced instructor at a height of 3,000m, the wind blowing in your face, and once he pulls the cord and your parachute opens – complete silence.

Complete bliss and complete freedom. If a free-fall experience is what you’re looking for, going to Hungary might just be the right place for you. Check out Tandem.hu for an excellent beginner’s experience.

Rock Climbing, Edinburgh

With 130,000 adventurers a year conquering the Ben Nevis summit, its inclusion on this list should not exactly come as a surprise.

That doesn’t take away its sheer majestic power. Whether it’s the summit’s height – at 1,345m, Ben is Britain’s tallest peak – or simply it’s fantastic climbing potential, there is no way around it: Ben Nevis is every climber’s dream.

Part of the Grampian mountains, many a climber has braved its steep ascent and to good avail – be prepared though, this mighty mountain’s peak is reserved for intermediate and advanced climbers only.

Basically, if you have a head for heights and a stamina to match, The Bat and Titan’s Wall are yours to discover! If you’d like to visit Scotland to try your hand at climbing, check out our trips to Edinburgh.