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The Best Tours for Seniors from Around the World

Travelling is all about experiencing something new. When you’re enjoying a well-earned retirement – or perhaps planning for one – you have the time and space to discover the places that you’ve always wanted to see. 

One of the very best ways to explore new things is on a group tour. Your professional guide will help you get off the beaten track and discover the stories behind exciting new locations. Better still, you can do it with new people who are walking the same adventurous path as you.

This week, we’re taking a look at some of the world’s best tours for over 50’s. Draw some inspiration from these fantastic tours. Let’s take a look:

Blenheim Palace, Downton Abbey Village & The Cotswolds

If you are looking for a relaxing day out in beautiful England, look no further! There is no quainter and more wonderful place to journey out to than the quintessential English countryside of Oxfordshire.

Whether it’s admiring magnificent Blenheim Palace, visiting some of the picturesque villages used as filming locations in Downtown Abbey or taking a stroll in the undulating hills of the Cotswolds, this tour offers something for everyone. This tour just goes to show that being short on time does not mean one cannot get a variety of experiences.   

East Meets Western Wonderland  

A fantastic option for rail travel aficionados wanting to discover the beauty of Australia, this tour will take you on an unforgettable almost 3-week long train journey across the breath of the Australian Outback, before trailing through the South West region of Western Australia.

The scenic rail journey will be taken aboard the iconic Indian Pacific, making for an unforgettable experience. Stops include sampling tasty wine in the Margaret River area, discovering the harbour of Albany and a stop in Kalbarri National Park to take in some spectacular natural scenery, among many others! 

London in style tour with afternoon tea in Westminster Abbey

If indulging in the high art of afternoon tea while sampling some of London’s history is more your cup of tea, going on the London in Style Tour is an absolute must. You will be taken to London’s finest locations on board of an iconic, vintage Routemaster bus, admire the crown jewels during an early private viewing, taste the cosmopolitan culinary delights at Borough Market, and finish off the day with a delicious and luxurious tea experience at Westminster Abbey.

Emerge an expert in British and London history, having visited the final resting place of 17 monarchs and tasted the many flavours of historic Borough Market’s stalls.

Cape Tribulation, Daintree and Mossman Tour

On this magic tour, you will be able to take in the gorgeous Australian rainforest landscapes while learning all about this wonderful ecosystem through the detailed explanations of the expert guide. And what an ecosystem! The rainforest is teeming with wildlife, from treacherous snakes, to colourful birds and of course the estuarine crocodile.

A further highlight is a stop at Cape Tribulation’s rainforest beaches, one of the world’s best eco travel destinations and a downright paradise.  Travel between stops will be in the air-conditioned comfort of a purpose-built shuttle, and there will be regular breaks to catch a breath and have a delicious bite. If you are a lover of the outdoors who does not wish to forgo life’s little comforts, this is the tour for you.

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