The English Breakfast is so embedded into English culture that it would be crazy to visit the capital and not stop for one. It is the perfect food to set you up for a day of sightseeing or to cure a hangover and head back to bed. Whatever style of breakfast that you are after, we have got you covered.

Wondering where to find the best English breakfast in London? We have you covered with breakfasts to suit every budget.

1. Terry’s Café, £9.50 – The All-Day Option

Terry’s Café offers an all-day breakfast joint that uses home-cooked food from the local markets. If you are after a straight-forward breakfast served all day, and with great quality to boot, then it may be time for Terry’s Café in Newington. Winning TripAdvisor’s 5-star rating and Certificate of Excellence for two years running, Terry’s should not disappoint.

2. Regency Café, £6 – The City Centre Option

Situated in Westminster, near the Home Office, you cannot get more central than this one. Regency café is not just your average greasy spoon; it’s earned itself Yelp’s 2013 award for the fifth best place to eat in London. It’s also featured as a set for the movie Layer Cake and the BBC drama London Spy. The café is traditionally cheap and cheerful with breakfast costing only £6. It’s your go-to place if you are looking for a non-nonsense breakfast with good quality and pricing.

3. Bill’s Soho Restaurant, £8.95 – The Veggie & Vegan Option

Bill’s Soho Restaurant in Covent Garden has a tasty selection of vegan full English’s and vegetarian breakfasts. Offering up a plate of smashed avocado, spinach, roasted plum tomatoes, mushrooms, mixed seeds, and toasted sourdough with hummus, this is a tasty vegan option. Or, add poached eggs and halloumi for a little bit of non-vegan protein.

4. The Breakfast Club, £11.50 – The Novelty Option

If you grew up in the ’80s then you’ll love having your breakfast in The Breakfast Club. Packed with 80’s memorabilia, this place is bound to take you back in time and keep the banter and childhood stories flowing over breakfast. With a genuinely impressive menu of traditional and American breakfasts, you will not be stuck for choice. However, the full English named The Full Monty, comes in at £11.50 – definitely not the cheapest option.

5. The Wolseley, £18.75 – The Up-Market Option

Looking for something a little more sophisticated than a fry-up? The Wolseley presents The English at £18.75 with a choice of Fried, Poached or Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, Sausage, Baked Beans, Tomato, Black Pudding and Mushroom. Naturally, at that price, you would expect high standards. The Food critic, A.A Gill, described his observations of breakfast time as “Wherever, whenever breakfast comes, it is a mouthful of stoic optimism”. Enough Said.

There is something about the English Breakfast that binds the British with a sense of patriotism and identity. It is entwined in British society as much as the Queen, tea, and The Rolling Stones. So, when you are visiting the capital, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try it for yourself.

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