Stonehenge is a must-see for visitors to the UK. The 5,000 year-old UNESCO World Heritage site provides a glimpse into life thousands of years ago

10 Unmissable Experiences from Across the UK

Here’s a post we’ve thought long and hard about. After years creating tours for visitors at Evan Evans, we’ve come to realise that there are some experiences that you simply can’t miss out on if you’re visiting the UK. You… Continue reading →

6 Extraordinary Sacred Sites in the UK

Religion has played an enormous role in shaping the cultural history of the UK. It has left its mark, not just on the hearts and minds of the peoples of Britain, but on the landscapes and cityscapes that we inhabit…. Continue reading →

For those that missed a visit to Stonehenge

f you can’t get down to Stonehenge on your next visit, check out these miniature wonders to get your dose of ancient history. A visit to Stonehenge

The Secrets of Stonehenge: a brief history

They survived the Saxons, the Romans, the Victorians – all the way through to today’s hyper-digital age. The Secrets of Stonehenge: a brief history

The UK’s best educational trips for kids

Let’s explore our list of sites that are perfect for broadening horizons – the UK’s best educational trips for kids.

10 Books About Stonehenge to Read Before You Go

As one of the world’s most enigmatic sites, Stonehenge intrigues those who make the journey to its rural setting on the Salisbury Plain. And while any trip to see these standing stones proves rewarding, the journey becomes even more fascinating… Continue reading →

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