Churches & Cathedrals

The UK is home to some of the oldest, most magnificent churches & Cathedrals in the world. These historic treasures range from grand Cathedrals to some of the most elaborate examples of period architecture anywhere in Europe.

All about the Royal wedding

The clock is ticking and the countdown to the Royal Wedding 2018 has begun. All about the Royal wedding

The UK’s 6 most beautiful cathedrals

Each building has a unique flair and flavor that makes every one an interesting experience. The UK’s 6 most beautiful cathedrals

The Most Beautiful Churches in London

Though not the first, nor even the second, seat of the Church of England (those honours go to Canterbury and York respectively), London still possesses some of the most incredible churches in the world. And it’d have even more had… Continue reading →

8 Reasons to Visit Canterbury

Situated in Kent, the county known as the ‘Garden of England’, Canterbury is a picturesque cathedral city with magnificent architecture and crumbling ruins that display an extraordinarily rich history. From its intriguing heritage to its bounty of cultural landmarks and… Continue reading →

Behind the Scenes on a Tour of St Paul’s Cathedral

As one of London’s most iconic landmarks, St Paul’s Cathedral needs no introduction. But, by venturing inside and behind the scenes, visitors can gain a far greater appreciation for the magnificence of this building. We speak to knowledgeable guide Chris… Continue reading →

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