Warwick Castle is a stronghold of fun, facts and fantasy. The Castle is one of Britain’s oldest and has withstood attacks, a siege and a fire. Now this medieval marvel has come to life to give you the ultimate interactive experience of the middle ages. Here are just a few reasons why we feel its one of the best day tours from London.

Warwick Castle dates back to the Anglo- Saxon period of British history and has been a key point of defence in several different conflicts throughout its bloody English past. In it’s time Warwick Castle has gone from garrison to glamorous estate, from riches to ruin and back again. Walk through the incredible State Rooms and see some of the famous kings and queens that have stayed there through out the course of time. If you’re more in the mood for something a bit more grim and macabre, then visit the Castle Dungeon. A place filled with some of the darkest tales of tragedy, ransom and kidnappings. A gruesome and spectacular show for anyone with a strong stomach.


If you’re coming with the kids and don’t want to scare them half to death in the dungeon you could always take them to one of the magnificent activities around the castle. The Princess Tower is a great place for those who dream of being the princess that they know they are. Or visit the Kingmaker and experience what it was like to get ready to do battle on the fields of history.

Warwick Castle is home to the largest working trebuchet. Everyday the trebuchet launches a fire ball to illustrate the deadly force that one of these wonders of medieval technology could muster. A ballista is also found on the grounds for those that enjoy the mechanics of war.

With all this on offer it’s hard to think that the Castle could get any better, but it does. The very grounds themselves are a sight to see. Walk along the wall and take in some of the breath taking views that can be seen. With the river Avon situated right next to the castle it is the ideal spot to take some great photos. You can even take up some of the middle-ages most beloved pass times with lessons in archery and falconry, or learn the secret history of the castle in the Time Tower.

Open to the public since 1900 and with 115 years of history Warwick Castle is perfect for a visit and our tour includes it as well as the beautiful Stratford-Upon-Avon and the famous Cotswolds making it both the perfect tour and a great day out.


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