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7 magical Harry Potter experiences in London

Since the publication of ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ back in 1997, Harry Potter has since gone on to become a global phenomenon.

The book series, with over 500 million copies sold, is the best-selling in history. The movies based on the eponymous novels are the third highest-grossing series of all time with receipts of more than $7.7 billion (with a ‘B’).

There’s even a highly-rated theatre show lighting up the stages of Broadway and London’s West End.

It seems like there’s no stopping young Harry, and if you want to follow in his footsteps, there’s no better city to visit than London.

Here are some of the best Harry Potter experiences in London:

1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Embarking on The Harry Potter Studio Tour is perhaps the best way to get to know Harry and the gang (though not in person). During the tour, you’ll see numerous sets that are featured in the films, such as Hagrid’s hut, Dumbledore’s office and the Great Hall. You can also check out one of the largest collections of props and costumes. This is undoubtedly one of the best Harry Potter experiences in London for true Potterheads!

2. Harry Potter Film Locations Walking Tour

Head to the most iconic locations of the Harry Potter books and films and follow the footsteps of the world’s favourite wizard on this half-day Harry Potter-themed walking tour of London. Our guide will take you to many of the real-life locations that inspired some of the unforgettable scenes in the Harry Potter film series.

3. Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market, a covered Victorian market in the heart of the Square Mile, is a mecca for shopaholics and Harry Potter enthusiasts. Those familiar with the films will recognise numerous real-life sets. Look out for the blue door at the Bull’s Head Passage opticians. This very door was the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron in the movies.

4. The Cauldron

Disappointed that The Leaky Cauldron is actually an optician’s shop? London, of course, has the solution. In Dalston, there’s a bar named The Cauldron, which is a Harry Potter-themed venue that allows guests to concoct unique potions and cocktails, all while dressed in Hogwarts attire. As an added bonus, visitors can quench their thirst with a free helping of mead. Buy your tickets in advance. This Harry Potter experience is in high demand.

5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Ache no more for a new instalment of Harry Potter because the stage show complete with a new script has arrived. At the Palace Theatre, the award-winning spellbinding story follows the adventure of Harry and co., set 19 years after the conclusion of the book series.

6. The Georgian House Hotel

Looking for an experience that’s a tad more immersive than a day out? Spend the night in the Wizard Chamber at the Georgian House Hotel. All rooms are concealed behind mysterious bookcases, accessible by walking through a slightly haunting candlelit hall. Enchanting pictures, stained-glass windows, four-poster beds, stone walls, tapestries and even cauldrons will make you feel like you’ve entered Harry’s world.

7. Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

Another recently opened immersive experience is the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition, going through 10 years spent creating filmmaking magic with an exclusive display of behind-the-scenes images – never seen before in one place. Showcasing hundreds of iconic photographs, the incredible exhibition takes fans behind the camera during key moments in the film series, from Harry’s first journey from Platform 9 ¾ through to the Battle of Hogwarts from the final film in the series. 

Make sure you take a look at all our Harry Potter-related tours and offers over at Evan Evans Tours. No matter what side of the stories you want to explore, you’ll encounter something magical.