5 Myths about guided coach tours

Here at Evan Evans, we believe that guided coach tours help you get the most out of your trip. For us, it’s not enough just to visit a place. We want to understand the history and culture of every destination we visit. That’s why a guide brings so much to the experience. When you’re accompanied by a local who truly knows the sites you’re visiting, it’s that much easier to understand the magic of each individual destination.

However, there’re still a lot of misconceptions that persist around guided tours. These usually arise from tourists who have never actually experienced one for themselves. This week, we wanted to explore some of these misconceptions and explain why they’re out of date, misguided or just plain wrong.

Let’s take a look!

1) The coaches are uncomfortable

Sure, back in the 80’s tour coaches were stuffy, awkward and awfully decorated. However, we’ve come a very long way since then. Our luxury coaches are designed with every comfort in mind, from air conditioning to onboard wifi and USB charging for electronic devices (from April 2019). The mini coaches we use for our Small Group Tours are Mercedes-Benz Minibuses, replete with leather interiors and over 6 feet of headroom. They’re a comfortable, relaxing way to tour the countryside.

2) There’s no freedom to explore

One complaint about tours is that they don’t allow individuals to explore sites on their own. Everybody wants to be able to take in a location at their own pace, and it’s difficult to do that when there’s an entire group to manage.

However, this simply isn’t the case. All of our tours have been carefully designed so that you always have some time to explore on your own, whether that’s around specific sites are around the city as a whole. We’ve carefully timed every break so you’ll get to see everything you want to without getting bored.

3) You can do it cheaper on your own

At first glance, some of our tours might seem a little on the pricier side. However, take into account the distance travelled, as well as subsidiary costs of renting a car or taking public transport, and you’ll quickly find that all-inclusive tours are the cheaper, easier option. For example, renting a car for a day in the UK, with fuel and insurance, can easily cost over £100 a day. Factor in your site entry tickets and you have an expensive day out on your hands!

4) They’re impersonal

This is an odd one for us – one of the great joys of coach tours is that they give you an opportunity to mingle with people you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to speak to. Chat to people from all over the world and share experiences with travelers that have already seen the best of the UK. It’s so much more sociable than sitting on a train.

5) They’re only for older travelers

The value and convenience of coach tours make them an attractive option for older travelers. However, our coaches are full of people of all ages and backgrounds, from sociable students to working professionals. Coach tours really are for everybody. Come and share the experience.

To find out more about our UK coach tours, feel free to get in touch at any time via our contact page. We’re always excited to hear from you.