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5 Reasons not to miss a trip to Wales

As a born-and-bred Welshie who’s travelled around the world, I’ve often been asked what my home country is like. Honestly, it’s a struggle to describe it in just a few words; Wales is truly a country that has everything. I… Continue reading →

A local’s guide to the North of England

Here’s A local’s guide to the North of England, the must-see spots.

The best West End musicals to make you smile

London has played host to some of the most impressive musicals in the world. Check out our guide to the best West End musicals on in 2018.

London’s best curry houses

Here’s our pick of the best places to go for a dish that really packs a punch. London’s best curry houses

Britains Seven Historical Wonders

The United Kingdom is blessed with a rich cultural history and some relics surpass these every-day mementos and stand out as true treasures of a forgotten age. They are Britain’s own ancient wonders – fascinating and beautiful structures that are emblematic of the country’s heritage.

The 7 Best British Novels of all Time

Indulge yourself in some truly British culture and explore some of the world’s greatest literary works, including Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, and George Orwell, with our list of best British novels of all time.

British Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Discover the ‘proper’ way to enjoy a good cup of tea with our British Afternoon Tea Etiquette guide

What’s on in London, February 2018

From exciting cultural festivals to Valentine’s day, our events this month have a theme of brightness and warmth.  What’s on in London, February 2018

The Secrets of Stonehenge: a brief history

They survived the Saxons, the Romans, the Victorians – all the way through to today’s hyper-digital age. The Secrets of Stonehenge: a brief history

A guide to London’s best Gastropubs

To the British, pubs are so much more than just places to stop for a quick bite and a pint. Check out our list of London’s best Gastropubs

A local’s guide to the South of England

If you’re visiting the south coast, there’re a few destinations you simply cannot afford to miss out on. A local’s guide to the South of England

Top 5 Brits that changed the world

On your next visit to the UK, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the lives of these great people. Brits that changed the world.

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